Saturday, 17 July 2010


I have a bowerbird in my midst.

Tiny, while not prone to blue objects, seems to gather any random things that take her fancy - and particularly pink things, and totes them around in any old bag she can find (Kinokuniya, brown paper bags - whatever, she's not racist when it comes to bags).

While riding her 'motorbike' around at the park, she insisted on taking the bag, which was laden with booty, around. Despite the fact it set her back enormously, she still soldiered on, dragging that darn bag around the track - and no matter what would not hand it over to her Mama.

If I ever need to find something that's gone missing, I know where to go. To date this has included:

- iPhone
- iPod
- mobile
- pink pen
- small tissue packets (she REALLY loves these)
- pink lip gloss

(Please no one ever tell Tiny about my bin, because I fear she'll follow in my footsteps and there'll be even less room in our house).
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m.e (Cathie) said...

my one loves bags aswell and also puts the strangest of things in there. luckily all hers so far.

Angie said...

Being a hankie house I recently discovered my daughters fondness for the small tissue packets (after seeing them at a friends place & pleading for a pack at the chemist).

The golden tissues are treated far better than any of her toys & GOD forbid anyone else using them!

Cass said...

I hate the bag. We have so many paper bags around the house filled with Lucy's "trinkets"

jodi said...

hmmm, our children reflect the best and the worst of us. I'm sure Matt is thrilled that Tiny has inherited the 'collecting' gene