Monday, 16 August 2010

Beautiful Lines

I love illustration. And I LOVE fashion illustration. It may be a little known fact that a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked in fashion. I loved the buzz. The giddy and exciting feeling of a new collection. Squeezing my frame into sample size (squeezing being the operative word).
David Downton worked on a huge mix of projects including advertising, packaging, fiction illustration and cookbooks before the Financial Times commissioned him in 1996 to draw at the couture shows.
In 2007 David launched Pourquoi Pas? the first ever journal of fashion illustration.
No matter his history, I'm pretty smitten with his fluid lines, and the economy of the strokes. Those few lines have the power to say so much.
all images are courtesy of David Downton


Little Pinwheel said...

you have got me. I am in love with fashion. A bit of a sucker when it comes to new things. Although one to never really follow what is "in" I would quite often pull out an old trend and make it mine a season or two later. Rebel.

Lin said...

I love fashion illustration too - probably more than fashion. I really love Rene Gruau's classic 50's and 60's illustrations. Brilliant!

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

SNAP! OMG I love fashion. Sometimes I think Im in the wrong industry but a friend pointed out the other day I AM in fact in the right industry, and I have found something on the side to be passionate about. Oh how Im torn, but I must go on and make babies, whilst I admire the worst of those that make us look awesome.
I love fashion illustration because from that comes awesome clothes!

flossy-p said...

Yes, those lines! I've always loved the efficiency of the lines in fashion illustration too. So much movement and so dynamic with so little. I once took a fashion illustration elective, and the motto was "less is more".


well if you love those lines have a look at some of the work done by Garance Dore - - although she is more into photography now