Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Crazy In The Coconut

It's windy here today. Like blow your skirt up windy. Like blow all the wheelie bins over windy. Like blow all the marquees down at Bondi over. Whoaaaa Nelly - it's like send your smalls crazy with all those ions being stirred up crazy.

I'm taking Tiny to her first dance class this afternoon. Well it's not a dance class as such, but an opportunity for her to dance all her sillies out. Well I hope it's not a class because Tiny has a style all of her own, and dances to her own beat (just like Gerald) - so this will be interesting..

Other news-breaking items:
  • We went to the nursery this morning and the friendly nursery dude repotted my orchid for me, since it was sprouting all over the place and I was too scared to snip it and repot it myself. Some people are good, right?

  • We visited our new local library. We now can no longer go back to our old library because our fines are crazy out of control and we've been run out of town. We now have books to go-go. We will not be skipping town to Mexico. This time we will return our books on time!

  • The Doctor is refusing to have a siesta because he 'can't take it anymore' and he apparently 'feels like he's dying'. Uh huh.

  • Tiny on the other hand is in bed singing and looking at books.

  • We went to look at that school (take 3) again yesterday (Sue the Poo was not around - phew). Now I have to write a letter to say why I want the Doctor to go there.

  • Cheery Ripes are no longer Cheery. I am on a wild losing streak - about to lose the clothes off my back if I don't win soon. So in a rash move - I've switched to Matt's Crunchie stash. And I AM WINNING!

I will report back later on my habit forming ways.

image via Aquabumps - this wind is so windy it blows over motorbikes. Yeeehaw.

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74 Lime Lane said...

so glad I'm not the only one who can't step foot in the local library at the moment! and in a freaky coincidence, I too just switched from ripes to change the colour of my day with crunchies! {although I haven't quite had your winning streak}

Katy said...

Oh yay now there is a few of us that are avoiding local libraries! I had fines galore so I must move. I always thought the fines followed you from library to library but maybe not? Now I'm off to get a crunchie....not that I'm easily influenced or anything.

Katyha said...

I LOVE this crazy wind...you get to see old men (that are still hanging on to hair with the sweep over) get their 'mane' all messed up. Gotta love it!

Jasmine said...

I always wish I could handle windy days/skirts with the same aplomb of Marilyn Monroe - a laugh, a smile, a relaxed effort to hold the skirt down in just the right places.

Instead I always seem to panic and madly slam my skirts down, missing a bit here, another bit flying up there, look of terror in my eye ...

Lin said...

I can't believe your library charges fines. If mine did I'd be poor!

Corrie said...

yep ditto not good at returning books on time, I know its only 20c a day but honestly 3 weeks is not enough to get the chance to get to the book!

good luck with your letter, hope school for next year can then be crossed off your list!


Two Tuesdays said...

I have no affection for wind. It does make the washing dry quickly,I'm not sure if that is a plus, though, it only means the wash, peg, fold, put away cycle happens a lot quicker. And I don't like to be rushed in my chores. I like a good sit down in between. Perhaps I need to work on that? Perhaps that should be habit number 2? Whaddya think?

PS Library fines are evil. I have thankfully moved so far into the heart of Australia's retirement belt that the council has got rid of fines. There was threat of a pensioners revolt. Perhaps mamma's should get on that bandwagon and force more councils to drop their silly fines.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh lexi, this post had me cracking up - you sure are livin lovida loca, my friend!!! hilarious! x

Cherie said...

Hey Darls Sorry to disagree but Cheery Ripes are Cheery here where I've just scored my second freebie = 2 out of 2 ... yikes I wanna gorge the lot but will abstain and report back soon!
2 out of 2 ... WTF!

Miss E said...

I had to change my name to avoid my fines. There were no other libraries close by so drastic measures had to be taken. Since then I've joined the 12 step program for people who rack up serious fines and then don't pay them and its going much better for me. Thank god I used to work at the video store and still have some peeps there or we would be in serious trouble!