Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To...

So today I went to buy my tights. But people, people I know what you did. You went to AA and you bought out the entire rack of medium tights in silver lame so that I couldn't have a pair, right? Not even for a moment did I contemplate squishing my hips into the lone XS pair on the rack. I picked them up in disgust, asked the assistant for a more adequate size and was denied.

So I had to settle for something else. Something more understated. I mean dudes, insert a big, fat, giant HMPH right here ----->( ).

Black bamboo tights. Black?! You left me with no alternative but to go black. HMPH!

I tried my outfit on when I got home. The whole outfit. Tiny got a wee bit giggly and excited. I'm also wearing a vintage fur to which she said, "Oooh like fluffy" and then she spent 10 whole minutes trying to convince me to put it back on.

The End.
image is The Sartorialist I think.. She wreaks of awesome style.
Also - what about this ad?
And can't wait for Offspring. I will be at a wedding, but I will be taping it. I think it's set to be a brilliant Australian show.


Anna Walker said...

That is one crazy jacket the lady is wearing! And did you try going to another store? You could maybe find something there!

Cindy said...

Did you want me to try the chapel st store down here and I could express post it today to get to you tomorrow? I can't wait to see some fabulous photos

BuBbles said...

Hehe, denied! Good ol Wayne's World :)

Miss E said...

Shame about the tights. I am also available to try the Melbourne store if you like? I think it's best to go with your first instinct when it comes to an outfit, especially if you have something really particular in mind. Can't wait for photos!
PS: also really looking forward to Offspring!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

She's my hero.