Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I Might Just Go To Space

Since I am running as PM, and we've gone to the polls, I'm probably going to jet off into space to a wedding.

So far:
  • 57.7% of (stylin') peeps think I should go silver

  • 26.9% peeps think I am going to see Buzz Aldrin

  • 7.7% peeps think I look like KAK's wardrobe exploded on me

  • 7.7% peeps are self-proclaimed fence sitters (surely your butt must be hurting?)

You might be wondering about comments, I'll give you a sneaky peak:

  • really not! it's too matchy matchy, go for black stockings, big bangles... Dude! It's not like I want to wear this! or even this! If I was, then you could definitely hold an intervention.

  • You can NEVER have too much sparkle. The world NEEDS more sparkle.... AMEN!

But you will have to hold your horses. I might go into the shops tomorrow and surprise you all.. Who knows.. But no matter what, it will be one small step for man.. And one giant leap for fashion-kind. Get it? Get it?


Two Tuesdays said...

I geddit! And I'm with the second comment - there really isn't enough sparkle in the world. There never could be enough to my way of thinking, but at the moment it seems like there is a sparkle recession in the world of fashion. You totes are on the road to correcting that.

Cindy said...

You are hilarious. I think it would look fabulous and you will sparkle in whatever you decide to wear - sequin added or not