Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Return of Big Foot

The other day I was sitting in the park with some other preschool mums. Enjoying the sunshine, sitting in the grass, taking in the delighted squeals of small children, observing others running amok. It was an almost perfect, almost Spring afternoon.

Which came to an abrupt end when one of the mums pointed to my feet and said: "How big are your..."

I finished her sentence as she trailed off.

If I had a soundtrack, it would have cut off abruptly like an old LP. The birds were frozen mid-flight, the kids on swings were stuck up in the air, gasping. Everyone else in the park - heck everyone in a 10km radius froze.

I said "Yep, you're going to tell me I have big feet."

Yes. The elephant in the room. With big feet. I wasn't going to dance around it. Mid-flight she'd realised the error of her ways, but she'd spoken without thinking, and thus was her downfall. Well sort of. If I was Shakespeare I would have rewritten that afternoon, Othello would have walked into the park at that moment, mistaken her for Desdemona, and you know the rest. Or alternatively the Capulets would have come in chasing Leonardo diCaprio and then Baz Luhrman could have taken over directing my movements. I could have won an Academy Award.

Instead I said - yes, it's hard to find shoes to fit me. And that I had lived with big feet for my whole life. I'm well-versed in trying to find enigmatic larger sizes. And shoe-sharing with my husband. And then I changed the subject. Promptly.
image via Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

BIG feet
BIG heart!

Kt said...

I have big feet too. I still remember the exact way a shoeman said "they don't make womens shoes in that size" to a very impressionable and fragile 13 year old. I still always ask for a size too small in hope- I think I need counselling!

Tania said...

Well at least your feet didn't grow up in the shadow of well endowedness. Which, according to my brothers, is the reason my feet are sooooo small.

Laura Jane said...

Yeah, its a bit of a hassle.

I'm delighted to have taken delivery of some boots recently for my ....um....cuddly calves and swollen feet.

Google 'Boots for Broads' and you will go to a Sydney gang (they are at markets i think) who will have gorgeous leather boots (and shoes too i think) handmade and custom made for you at larger sizes at a charity village cooperative in Vietnam. All for the same price as the ones that DON'T fit you, and superb quality.

they are DIVINE!!!! And my dainty foot just slipped into them.

Sam said...

I'm a ladies 10, so yes, I'm a big foot too.

It's annoying sometimes, not many dressy shoes come in larger sizes but that's ok.

I'm more of a ballet flat, tom toms, nikes and birkenstock kinda girl.


Toni Brockliss said...

Exactly Anon! Big hearted gal.

Besides the heart, you get to where you are going quicker. Just like when I was the school nerd and sat at the front of the bus. I had those backseat cool kids pegged. I had less of a walk. Bloody genius I say.

Stacey said...

I'm on the other end of this situation. I have really small feet, especially for someone of above average height.
When shopping for shoes I get asked if I'm sure when I tell my shoe size.
I think by aged 38 I should know my own shoe size.
Perhaps we could shop together

Tali said...

Oh PMM! Being a Big Foot (Ladies size 12!!!) as well, I totally empathise with this all too common, and totally awkward, conversation. Big Foots is people too!

Anna said...

I'm with you too.. what I woudn't give for a comfy and cute pair of ballerina flats that fit me properly!