Monday, 23 August 2010

Natural Habitats

I have done my 21 days of habit making. I'm not overly convinced about my:

a) dedication to some of my causes
b) habit-forming success

But here's for the debrief. I am sure it makes for scintillating reading:

- water - yep more water
- exercise - ergh, negatory, I am going to puff out pretty soon if I continue with my chocolate intake
- throwing away things - yep I am excelling here
- housework - yep kicking goals
- meal planning - slightly better

How did you do? Did you kick some goals? (it's pretty hard to kick goals in a full-length habit, right?).


Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

Im proud to say... I DID GOOD! (good english too he he he) Thanks to you! More water, more teeth brushing and more time with my daughter! Thank you, you clever thing you. I am convinced... sort of.

teddybearswednesday said...

Look I did OK, started out with great with a bang and many dresses and bag cleaning out, but it sort of petered out and became less and less frequent.
I blame wearing a dress one day on one of the coldest days ever, which scared me right back into my jeans for many many days.
Either that or I'm great at starting but not great at maintanence.
I think you did good Missy. xo

Mama Mogantosh said...

I've been trying. More water. Flossification. Trying to multi-task less.

And all thanks to you, Sister PMM.

Bless you.

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

i think i did pretty well.... probably not on my actual habiting, but on being more aware of things i'm doing and making conscious choices: yes.

Sam said...

That picture is awesome!

Well done on your habits :)


BOB & MABEL said...

I was actually pretty crap, started strong and well a trip to Qld in the midst of it buggered it all up. Exercise.....not so much, drinking more water- probably more wine drinking than water, cleaning - promising start... and taking time to smell the roses - woohoo, did a great job there!

the textured leaf said...

I did okay, I think. My dog is way happier. I even secretly tried to do some of what you ladies were doing too with the tidying up, and exercises, and drinking more water. So a good success story from here. The dog thanks you.

Now to finish with a BANG and walk him no matter what the weather today.

ClaireyH said...

not too shabby here either, my friend arrives tomorrow too, so I am a happy habiter.

Lis said...

I totally did it, 21 days straight of Pilates. Loved it! Still kind of keeping it up, but with rest days allowed now. Phew.

ejorpin said...
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ejorpin said...

It's been a bit of a mixed bag for me.

The blog commenting started off well but then death of our internet connection for three whole days (how did I survive?) and a trip back home threw me a bit.

But I am pleased to say that the daily yoga faired much better (after a particularly dismal start). I even did it while I was traveling, and really enjoyed it too. (Though as I type this I realise I have not done it today. Or yesterday. Or the day before. Can we have another Back in the Habit please?)

Kirsty said...

Hmmmmm I'm a little bit late I know but I have an excuse... lots of excuses which I've written about on blog.

I also have pictures of vegies. Yum!

Thanks for running this little habit forming activity. I've enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting somet new bloggers.