Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tiny Dress Ups

Tiny is big loving the dress-up box at the moment. Mostly she's just loving her tutu too-too much. Five days running and by now it has been encrusted not with jewels or sequins, but instead Milo, melty chocolate, dirt and any other sticky food groups that she's gotten her filthy mitts into.

Today she dragged out everything from the dress-up box and simultaneously was a dancing koala-lizard. Interesting? Experimental?
Once we got home from our afternoon excursion she raided the dress-ups again. This time - a dancing pirate. See the theme here?
I think I'll try and sneak that tutu out of her room tonight for a quick wash. Chances of success are slim to none. But worth a shot.


Samantha Currie said...

she's gorgeous! Love the fairy pirate - those visit our house occasionally too. To deal with the tutu you need at least 2, like a favourite bra - wash one wear the other :D

mama bear said...

C'mon Lexi, the tutu is hot. I love it. I love her, she's so goddamn adorable. xx

Cindy said...

Didn't you get the memo that life is better in a tutu. Admit it - you are secretly jealous

Home Girl said...

too cute. am tempted to move to sydney and offer to do the evening shift!!

Sophie said...

We are battling with Jesse from Toy Story. We have our very own version living with us in the form of my daughter Grace who refuses to remove the outfit! I hear your frustrations! Sophie