Thursday, 19 August 2010

Where There Is Sunshine

The Doctor accidentally sat on my sunglasses in a freak swing accident - one which also involved his two shoulders were almost dislocated. True story.

Now my sunglasses are totally wonky and falling off and they aren't going to cut it for the long, hawt Summer ahead.

Oh Colab. I know I love you.


Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

oh but now do you get to buy new ones? that could be exciting. I want new ones actually.... hmmmm.

Sophie said...

I love getting new sunnies, I just hate going shopping for them! I have a little head and have a hard time finding a pair that suits me! Always a dilema! Sophie

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

just recently got a new pair so i'd match our new to us car... there's a story there.... so happy. get yourself some quick!

the textured leaf said...

I was lucky enough to spy a guy sellings never been worn vintage samples at Camberwell market a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed the first pair that caught my eye and havent looked back. (They also featured in my previously mentioned photoshoot with the dog.)

P.S. thanks for the offer to look up some ostrich feathers but I might not need any for a while, no weddings coming up soon

Little Pinwheel said...

colab will love you, as you have to buy every pair. seriously how can one choose. they are all hot.

nice one doc!