Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mediocre? High-five!

I thought of a really flipping awesome post title and post tonight. And then flipping well forgot what it was.

So now we'll have to settle for mediocre.

We voted today. That was an event. Mainly because the SES people provided a service for dog owners to mind their pooches while they cast their votes. While we're not a family that has a canine, we enjoy patting other people's canines. In particular a five month old schnoodle. Or something like that with some crazy name that was crazy cute and crazy soft.

And prior to voting, Tiny was running and smacked her small noggin into the footpath and is now sporting a massive egg on her head. Yowsers. Poor Tiny.

The first time the Doctor got an egg, I freaked out and called the ambulance. Somehow he managed to pull the Kitchenaid mixer onto himself. I'd never seen anything like that egg. Called the ambulance, then hung up on them, then they called me back. I still wear the mother guilt badge for that, four years later.

We also enjoyed tidying the house. Ok that's not true. No one enjoys tidying the house - and I for one, certainly can vouch for that myself. However I tipped some boxes on the ground so now the mess is like an ocean of mess ebbing onto the floor. I'm guessing if I pick up a couple of things each time I walk past it will be gone in about 32 years. Here's hoping.
PS - Anyone who voted for PMM - expect your trenches to arrive in 2014. Or alternatively, voting is still over here... Maybe you can try and send me to Dunk Island? Alabaster in a bikini? You bet your bottom bippy.
image could be of our house. or alternatively it could be via The New York Times


Little Pinwheel said...

you are off to dunk! I voted, but I spread the love. I have another awesome friend on there. maybe you can both go. now that would be awesome.

love a soft pooch. my little mr T gives them bear hugs, hence the nickname mr T. all he needs are some gold chains.

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh ohh, egg on the noggin, sounds like our normal day here sometimes.
I have taken the little man to the hospital twice, for stitches & glueing the head so I warned him the 3rd time I have to wait till his dad gets home or else the hospital will call child services on me.
good luck with the votes, I'll pop over there now.

Shine Little Light* said...

Man I do that alllll the time, think of an awesome post... But its always when im riding my bike or falling asleep and so they are forever forgotten. *s*

mama bear said...

Poor little Tiny. Hope she's ok. What a day.

PS. Totes jealous about the Kitchenaid. Red?

Lois said...

Hey Lexi!
Nothing you post is EVER mediocre girl! Hope tiny is feeling better.
As for the house cleaning, not to worry! It's not going to go anywhere and will eventually get done just like you said. Besides, if anyone looks too close just poke them in the eyes and it serves them right for looking too close.
Thanks for shraing.

Toni Brockliss said...

The guilt badge is terrible to wear. Sticks me all the time.

When Audrey was a little non-mobile baby I was in desperate need to go to the loo. I put her on our bed to pee with me head stuck round the door watching her (which is hard to do mind you) and hey guess what......yes, she decides that is the day she wants to start rolling and rolled right off the bed.
I screamed and tried to grab her but I was also mid undies around my ankles and peeing.
We both went in the ambulance. I was dying of guilt and cried and vomitted. It was a horrible day.
Audrey was right as rain. She thought it was a hoot and giggled with the paramedic the whole way to the hospital. I was on the stretcher grabbing my face and hair like a bad actress from a european movie. Audrey also got the most expensive stuffed toy for her efforts. A $535 bear made by the girl guides for kids who go in the ambulance. It was $535 because we received the bill for the ride the following week. We didn't have any cover.
Double guilt.