Tuesday, 21 September 2010

And I'm Not Apologising

Shocked to the core PottyMouthMama readers shunned her next couple of posts. But she stood her ground, she was not, no, she was NOT going to apologise for despising 'popular' music performing under the guise of U2, Abba and Crowded House. And INXs. And anything else that's lame to the power of lame. John Farnham. Dido. Ergh, PMM's list went on and on.

So only one person dared peak into the next post. And that is you.

Oh hello there my lone friend. I'm glad to have you back. Solidarity in the non-music love. We like quality, not quantity, right?

I'll tell you what else I don't like. Crushed velour. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl and my hands feel itchy. EeeK!

Anyway, the Doctor has saved up for a new Lego game which we're playing as much as possible. We've had a few issues with this game, but I've just realised there are step by step rules on the website - so if you do happen to snaffle any of these Lego games (which in my opinion are all sorts of awesome - because you can continue to re-build the game and tweak the rules, which means STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGY!) you can check out the website - it's pretty darn nifty. The Lego Lava Dragon game is absolutely right up the Doctor's alley - because it's all about dragons right now.
It is totes about Lego here. Remember when Matt built me my very own dream home? Ahhh sweet love.

PS - Do yourself a favour and read this post by Jacqueline Pascarl. She is one of my favourite writers. She's intelligent, funny, and always writes interesting and relevant (to me) posts. Enjoy.

PPS - If you're a Big Footed Babe, then join Tali and my new Facebook page, aptly titled: Big Footed Babes.


teddybearswednesday said...

Never apologize for being you! Because that is what is awesome about you.
We can't like the same things all the time, otherwise life would be boring.
Crushed velour does bad things for me too. xo

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Bugger. Until this comment it really did look like everyone was reeling in horror and avoiding you for your lack of musical taste. Oh well, I have forgiven much worse offenses. I am interested to know what your musical taste is. As for crushed velour...hmm, not so much. Especially around this rotund body!