Thursday, 30 September 2010

E to the GADS! Day 29 of 30: Thank You Letters

Oh yowsers, you might be wondering how my thank you letters are going. Me too friends, me too.

I've made a list, and I'm checking off my numbers as I post. So far I am up to 10 posted, 13 in the works - I better get cracking since I only have 1 measly day to go to complete this 30 day challenge. And given my track record, I am going to do this one. It's achievable. It's not easy. I sometimes feel a little awkward, but being grateful is a good thing - and I love the written word.

It's a lovely ritual, to write a letter.

The actual writing of the letter. And a thank you note is particularly nice - because you can relive whatever you're thanking your thankee for, all over again. Of course, I need to write with a particular type of pen. My handwriting is horrible in ballpoint. Loathsome. So it must be a fine tip. Yes. It must.

The addressing of the envelope. Sometimes I get crazy and try and lavish some crazy loopy writing. Or make it look particularly beguiling. Sometimes I leave it classic.

The licking of the envelope. The sticking of the stamp.

And the physical posting of that envelope. My smalls take turns to post the letters into the oversized red boxes. Precision is needed to aim it through the slot. Imagining the route that little letter will take.

The arrival. Upon receiving the note, the thankee can tear into that envelope, or perhaps they're swanky and own a letter knife.

But back to more pressing matters. Do you have a preferred pen? Bics make my writing messy. I love an Artline Felt Tip. I am dedicated to the cause.


Miss E said...

I have to use a felt tip. Otherwise my relatively nice writing turns to messy scrawl. I adore receiving letters in the mail...I'm a ripper not a schmancy letter opener user.

Michele said...

all this AND work too I admire your stickability to your goal. I am back at work 3 days a week and not a lot of time/energy for much else

Love a great letter, both writing and receiving (happy mail oh yay so much nicer than a bill) - alas my handwriting these days after so many years of computers/keyboards is really cruddy and not improved by fancy pens as much as I love them and am uber fussy about which type/brand (dont DARE steal my pens from work anyone or do so at own risk and face my wrath same goes for husband who has a habit of nabbing MY pens and losing them)

Current favourite is a pentel liquid gel ink 1.00mm ball in black or the Pentel fountain pen nib

Sarah said...

Yes, i love a felt tip too. Bought one yesterday - after having about a 10 year hiatus from buying pens. I was completely bummed when I was at your place yesterday and saw you that yours is o.4, I bought a 0.2. Thick is best when it comes to Artline!

nicole said...

i've got this really fine ball point that i got for free from a drug rep. it makes me write my letters small and petite and tall :D

Anna Bartlett said...

Artline all the way. It makes a HUGE difference. Can't possibly write anything important with a scratchy pen.