Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Speaking Of Which...

A dinner table conversation from a couple of nights ago:

Tiny: Mum, can you say 'beaver'?

Me: Beaver.

Tiny: Good girl!
Bush. Brazil. Beaver. Here's some music to mix things up.

image via Beaver Pond


Anonymous said...

On a rafting trip on the Yellowstone River with my in-laws a few years ago, my father-in-law kept pointing out the "beaver damaged" on the banks. Oh, it was so hard to keep a straight face!

(Glad to see you didn't illustrate your post with a photo of a waxed beaver.)

Anonymous said...

(That would be "beaver damage".)

jodi said...

she's so in tune, that Tiny

mama bear said...

Go Tiny.

More importantly – what's with the profile pic? FREAKIN HOT!!!

EmmaK said...

Wow what a freaky video...I'm gonna be havin nightmares about Wynona's big brown beaver I just know it