Friday, 10 September 2010

I Am Plum Shickered!

Just before I launch into my daily spiel, I just need to set something straight. I am not some big wig powerbroker in pinstripe. Oh my goodness. The thought of me in a suit? YIKES! The only suit I have ever owned is by Aussie designer Marnie Skillings - and it's all sorts of awesome. And it ain't pinstripe. Or even a suity suit. I look ridiculous in suiting and shirts. You will most likely never see me in a shirt because a) I hate ironing and b) I just look so silly in anything of that nature. I'm look a wolf in sheep's clothing. Like a wolf in grandma's nightdress. I just look stoopid. With a really hairy nose.

Anyway, I am just checking in to let you know that this week has been good. But hard. If I was single, it would be a breeze, but factor in two small children, my goodness, so hard - and particularly for them.

I don't leave the office until around 5:30pm and don't get to pick them up until past 6pm. It's such a long day for my little poppets. I feel bad. Really bad. But they have been really exceptional, and I feel so proud of my little family this week. We've kept everything really, really simple, and in a slow, tired kind of way, it's working.

We've only got to stumble through four weeks of life like this until - ta-dah! Matt is going to switch-a-roo with me and look after the smalls. Which is a massive relief for me as we all know how bad I am leaving the small fry with babysitters. Super bad.

I'll say it again just for kicks. Matt is going to be Mr Mum. That is such a dodgy title. Sorry Matt. I had to put something cheesy in here to keep my readers dosed up on proteiny-dairy goodness. Ya dig?!

Anyway - one more thing to report back - yesterday I realised something really, super great. Something life changing. Lego is right near my new work. I mean HELLO! All Christmases have come at once. Well they will once I get my forklift license and get the heck into that warehouse. HOLA!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

glad it is going well Lexi. chef did a couple of days at home when Busy was 1 for a year it was great. For both of them.

Katie said...

Oooh.. I worked with Marnie years ago and I love, love, LOVE her clothes.. good one!!

Cass said...

My brother works near the Lego place too. Unfortunately they hardly ever have sales. They have only had one I know about in 7 years. We went to one when Charlotte was a baby and stupidly thought it would be a regular thing so didn't really make the most of it. I am always on the lookout for them having another one so if you see it let me know

Anna said...

I'm glad work is going well, you must be exhausted though! I hope all goes well with Mr Mum :)

Mama Mogantosh said...

Congrats on getting the first week done Lexi! Sounds like the new shape of life is starting to come together. Hope it's the start of a wonderful new phase. I think it will be so fantastic for Matt.