Thursday, 9 September 2010

Find Andrew

You know when things really resonate with you? My Dad told me a while ago about this father who was riding his bicycle through Europe looking for his small son who had been kidnapped by his former wife. A man who left his job as a fireman to scour the world for his son? Man, that just breaks my heart.

And then I saw SMH today and my heart leapt. Ken Thompson has finally had word that his son is in Amsterdam.

Louis des Bernieres talks about it his struggle to find fair ground here.

image via SMH


Sarah said...

Wow. That is a story of true conviction. Can you imagine the turmoil that this poor man has been through and the drive that has seen him cycle through Europe to find his son? Imagine being his son and finding out the lengths that your Dad has been through to find you. That's amazing. Love!

MMBB said...

I'm so glad they found him, I've heard of a few of these cases and there is so many fathers still looking for their children.

I wish everyone with missing children could find them safe and well, and as soon as possible.

Miss E said...

Those stories always break my heart a little bit. My uncle went through a disgraceful custody battle last year and lost custody of his two children. Then the wicked witch (ex-wife) moved them to Wollongong (him and all of his family are in Melbourne).

handmade romance said...

wow what a dad. what a sad story. i hope they reunite and share many happy times.

nicole said...
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PottyMouthMama said...

Dear Nicole,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

However, as I can't respond to you directly, I chose to delete your comment.

I'm happy to respond to you personally if you send me your email address.


nicole said...

Dear Pottymouthmama.

I'm sorry my comment wasn't to your liking and you weren't able to see my email address when you looked at the url when you clicked my name. Here it is again, please replace the obvious bits, I'm sure it's easy enough to see which those are:

I'm looking forward to your private response to my deleted comment.

And just for the record, I still don't think he's a poor guy. And I still don't think a woman relocates half way across the planet because her ex husband is a wonderful, loving person.

Corrie said...

such a great story and such a story of love and hope. I was crying watching him on today show telling his story!

and he's so admirable for not hating his wife or anything like that!