Monday, 11 October 2010

Books:: Cocktails At Naptime

When a fresh copy of Cocktails at Naptime hit my mailbox, I have to tell you. I was excited. I mean, I tell you I've been reading this, but I've been struggling through it. It's interesting and all, but give me some laughs. There are no laughs to be had with toxic plastic. I'll tell you that now.

But what happened when Cocktails at Naptime sat on the kitchen table unattended? Matt picked it up, looked at the chapters listed, immediately turned to Chapter 3 and commenced reading.

Chapter 3? - I hear you ask.
Chapter 3 = Sex and the stretchy girl. Chapter 3 is all about sex after childbirth. Clearly Matt cuts straight to the chase, there's no small talk for him. Chapter 3 and BOOM! He's into it.

But that's Matt. I take a more orthodox approach to my reading. No cheating by flicking to the last page. Nope. I start at the intro and meander my way through books. In this particular instance, I kept going and going and going. I love a page turner. I adore a funny page turner.

The clever authors of Cocktails at Naptime, Gillian and Emma, have created a tome that's honest, endearing and witty. It should be bedtime material pre-birth. Mandatory Maternity Book List. That's what it is. It gives a real look at what's going to happen to you, including your punani, your boobies and your life. For me, as a mama to a 5 and 2.9 year old, it's a very humorous glance backwards - wishing that I had this to help navigate through those tired, achy, lonely first few weeks/months of mothering.

Cocktails at Naptime. I rate it! I rate it highly folks!

You can read more about their adventures as bloggers/authors (who coincidentally live in different countries and met via the interwebz) here.


EmmaK said...

I hope you see Matt soon wearing nothing but a pair of rubber gloves ...!!

misssy m said...

haha! Oooh teh rubber gloves. Photo opportunity for Matt there- BIG photo opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - thanks for the recommendation. I've been reading 'Slow Death by Rubber Duck' and becoming a paranoid preggo woman indeed.

Maxabella said...

I enjoyed the book as well. It was like a long extended mummy blog (which it kinda is!) and I like that the authors were transcontinental and have never actually met in person. Very modern.

Nice one, Matt. Men are very predictable creatures, aren't they!? x

Kat - TeamKitten said...

ooh i could do with some cocktails at naptime with my 2! unfortunately one always seems awake while the other one sleeps... grrr when they get the hang of it, i might indulge and look out for that book! :)