Thursday, 21 October 2010

Guilty As Charged: A Very Messy Handbag

I know. Lock me up and throw away the key, for I have sinned.

My handbag is a mess. A right royal mess. It contains, in no particular order:

- my wallet
- my sunglasses sans case
- random business cards
- random receipts
- my beauty bag
- beauty products that have become separated from their bag
- my phone - floating
- my keys
- a notepad
- a pencil
- a pen
- an empty box of Panadol
- an English Breakfast teabag (yes, very random, I have an excuse though - BAD tea at work)
- loose coins (what am I? A bloke?)
- hand cream
- ear phones for my phone
- reading glasses
- keys
- crumbs
- lots of crumbs

What lives in my bag? A mouse? A baby bird perhaps? Why the crumbs?

Thankfully I was recently sent a miracle in the form of a Borne Naked Handbag liner. Seriously good. I've revolutionised my handbag. No more disorganisation in my bag. No more losing my keys. No more crumbs.

And my favourite bit? I change handbags from time to time - and because I am just not that thorough, I usually leave vital pieces in my handbag. And then go to work without my glasses which makes for a squinty day at the office. No more leaving things behind friends. NO MORE!

I'll tell you another awesome sauce facet of the Borne Naked liner. It's clear. So I can see clearly what's in there at a glance. My keys, my glasses, my wallet, my favourite lip gloss - and BOOM! I am out the door. Streamlining peeps. That's what it's all about. Anything that helps me be a little more organised is fabulous by me.

Viva la Borne Naked revolution! A handbag makeover is borne.


Mama Mogantosh said...

Mine looks like that too, except with added fluff, sticky bits and old sultanas. My sister refuses to look for anything in my handbag because she doesn't know what she might touch.

I just bought a gorgeous backpack on Etsy because the kids are WILD this week and I need two hands. I wonder if an organizer would fit a backpack?

Jaclyn said...

love the borne naked bags - such a brilliant idea for my bag looks like a circus tent - you know the ones in the cartoons where its really small but once you look inside - the whole house is in there!

Melbourne Vintage said...

that's genius. My grandma always had bits of pumpernickel in her handbag in case the war would break out again. you can only imagine my feelings when i recently found a piece of old baguette in my handbag *screams*

rachelmp said...

mine is stuffed full of receipts as the accountant keeps reminding me to keep all the kids school expenses to claim, and every big shop at the supermarket there seems to be something they need. I guess every dollar counts ..

oscar and ruby said...

Ah, yes... the loose coins. Always come in handy when in desperate need of coffee, or meter money. I'm always amazed at how much cash builds up in the depths of my bag. No wonder I'm so constantly poor!

Ha... my random non-spam word is 'youpay'. That's spooky.

zofia said...

another bag from hell here- crumbs, sultanas and old shopping lists abound!
Those bag liners sound ingenious.

kelly louise said...

My hand bag doubles as my nappy bag, which means rifling though baby paraphenalia everytime I need my keys/phone/wallet/whatever. I also have the sultana problem. Does the liner make the sultanas more visible? Or can they still hide in the depths....?

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

I want! I want now!! It's time I was hooked up with one of these. I'm sick of wanting, high time I got me one!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against BorneNaked but I heard that that they are bribing people who they see as being influential to write blogs about how brilliant their bag liner is. My question is - do you really find it that great or were you asked to write about how great it is to win something else? As I would like to hear why it is good and bad and make my decision from there as whether I would want one or not.

I can see how an inner liner would be great but I have many different sized bags - would the same liner fit my going out small bag as well as my day to day bag? If it didn't then I would still have to exchange all my contents - just something to think about.

astralprojections said...

I swap bags occasionally too and just recently discovered $50 in the little zip (beauty stuff section) that I stashed for a taxi one night when I was out drinking in the city that I totally forgot about - GOLDEN!!!