Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I Ain't Strega Nona. Damn It.

Matt and I were given a pasta machine for our engagement. We've never used it. Given we just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, you do the math. It's been sitting in its box calling me ever since we unwrapped it.

Today I got brave and cracked it open. The Doctor and I got into a bit of pasta making. And a bit more pasta making. It was harder than I thought. No wonder I felt intimidated.

Eggs went everywhere. Flour went everywhere. The dough was so tough. Too tough to knead. But we persevered. Finally I retired the dough. The kids were having more fun feeding it through the machine. Over and over and over again. I felt a bit deflated until I told Tiny to stop adding more flour - and she responded with: "But I have to keep Mastercheffing!" Alrighty then.

Any Italian mamas got the key to being Strega Nona with Big Anthony as my side-kick?


Mira Narnie said...

oh this story is so cute - i have a pasta machine too and i remember the first few time were a disaster!! try using double 00 flour (or pasta flour) found at the supermarket or italian deli's. Let the dough rest a little before you start making it (i think you can put it in the fridge). Then work with a section at a time, and litte Tiny is right - keep it well floured on both so it glides through that machine, gradually decreasing the width -You'll be a strega Nonna in no time. Enjoy xx

Kirsty said...

We too have a pasta machine which has been used but not often (ahem).

However when using it I have turned to the great master of all things - Jamie Oliver.

I think it's the first book - Naked Chef - which will guide you in all things pasta.

Check it out!

teddybearswednesday said...

totally know what you mean making Pasta is hard.
God I love Tiny. She's all class that girl xo

Jaclyn said...

little tiny is a masterchef in the making. I'm part italian and still haven't had the guts to attempt pasta - you are a brave lady.

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

my mum used to make pasta all the time and hang it over broom and mop handles all around the kitchen to dry. i wish i had paid more attention now. i was more focused on the eating part. what i do remember is she used to make a well in flour and then just added eggs one at a time until she had the right consistency. and you're right, dry dough is not good.

74 Lime Lane said...

second Kirsty's comment ~ Jamie's pasta recipe, husband swears by it, even better if you get a look at JO in action it gives you even more clues

Whydiss said...

There a few tricks to pasta making and here are my tips.
1) Must use 00 flour
2) eggs have to be at room temperature (run them under hot tap water for a bit)
3) if the dough is not how you like it just add a bit of water or extra flour until it is pliable
4) wrap dough in cling film and set aside for 1 hr prior to rolling out
5) don't roll out the dough too thin

Don't give up cause after making your own pasta/spagetti it is hard to go back to eating the out-of-the-box stuff. Practice makes perfect.

Talia said...

I find Pasta's a bit tempremental. 100g of flour to one large egg.

Only a small amount of flour on the board or table you're using the kneed it on. Also, only kneed till it's combined, and then just put it through the paster maker and then fold it in half, then feed it through the pasta maker again.
The pasta maker does a much better kneeding job then you can, for a lot less effort!! Also, you'll know it's ready when it's silky looking. :-)

I did this little video on it which might help too: