Sunday, 10 October 2010

PottyMouthMama: Where The Bloody Hell Are You?

I've started fifty million different posts this weekend. And then got disenchanted with each and left them writhing in boredom in my drafts.

Lucky them.

This weekend is a bit haphazard. Matt's studying, so I'm parenting solo just for the day. And it just happened to coincide with the commencement of toilet training for Tiny. This climaxed today, while at the library, when Tiny was sitting in a (thankfully) vinyl beanbag. Lucky for me (and her) I had a spare change of clothes. What was I thinking hauling Tiny out on her debut of new knickers? I don't know peeps, but if I had to hang for much longer in our messy home, I would have done some damage to the dishpig aka the dishwasher. We've been searching for swimmers for the Doctor. I've been tidying and re-organising our bedroom. I've been washing. I've been doing a whole lotta boring stuff. I am inspiring, non?

Here are some random facts about me:

Reading - Slow Death by Rubber Duck: Rick Smith/Bruce Lourie
Have you read this book? It's pretty intense. And insane what we humans have created in our bid to 'improve' things. We're just killing ourselves. Classy.

+ simultaneously reading: Naturally Better Kids: Written by a Melbourne mama, Kristen Morrison, this book is inspiring, amazing, and just bloody awesome. I'll write more about this later in the week. And you can click over and read more about Kristen. She's intelligent and a beautiful mama - I just can't say enough good things about her.

Watching - Offspring. This is the only thing I am watching religiously. It's one of the best Australian programs I've seen since 'Love My Way'. And Don Hany? PHWOAR. And Asher Keddie? Delightfully mesmerising and goofy. She is D to the VINE!

Eating - (too much of) this new Cadbury Bar of Plenty - I've tried both the Berry & Shortcake and Roast Hazelnuts and Honey Roast Cashews. I have to tell you, I am nutty for the nuts. But I should go to some sort of rehab for chocolate addicts. I hear Betty Crocker's Rehab is particularly good?

Listening - Lady of the Sunshine - Angus Stone's 'solo' album. Beautiful.

What has kept you busy this weekend?


Jgee said...

Oh I'm loving Offpsring as well. Don Hany is so sexy. I almost feel like I am cheating when I watch the show. A few weeks back when he told Nina that he wanted to kiss her I felt myself puckering up leaning in for the pash!!! Nina's character is getting a little less neurotic and more endearing as well.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I am hearing you about everything you said about Offspring. x

katiecrackernuts said...

I have so missed Offspring and am a seriously latecomer to chocolate. I've never been much of a fan but now find it hard to walk past Milky Bars.

Little Pinwheel said...

offspring rocks. although i did not like last week. I wanted the happy ending. just a little happy. all the non texting was annoying me. hellooooooo.... text message when phones are sucking. ok getting wound up. will calm down now.

my little people and my thoughts have kept me busy. have not accomplished much around the home. but that has not changed from any other day of the week this week. a non chore event week.

enjoy the offspring. please some happy. just a little happy. xx

Tania said...

Thank goodness someone else admitted it. I was sitting tight in the closet over Offspring. I am now, officially OUT and PROUD.

Amy Paul said...

Offspring. Lourve it.

Undercuts. Loathe it.

Chocolate. Must locate some.


willywagtail said...

It's not boring. It's life. Hope you had a friendly parent librarian there. hehe Cherrie

Mira Narnie said...

right now i'm having offspring withdrawals - i mean, what the commonwealth what!! diggin the offspring in a big way. happy weekend to you ;-)

Katie said...

I just finished reading that book and I thought it was excellent, but I am now paranoid about anything plastic in our home!
I also hate it when things (books) confirm that my mother was right all along.. (If she ever came over and Sophie had a new plastic toy, I would get a lecture about BPA and lead paint etc.. etc.. Could she have been right all along?! ek!)

Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

I have to agre wth you....Asher Keddie, you are just a wonder!
You have left me wanting Cadbury chocolate now! This poses an issue as I live 100km from any chocolate selling store!!! Argh!!!
Reading Eat, Pray, Love and growing very fond of i page by page! Sophie

mama bear said...

I'm gonna go get me summa that chocolate tomorrow. I'm so back on chocolate. THis weekend I've been eating chocolate. and today giving chris sympathy. because he is SO sick. he keeps telling me this. with a smile. evil. xxx

ps. my mate jill loves your blog. she can't comment but she wants to comment for you to cut your hair. just passin' it on.

EmmaK said...

You are a jammy cow....translated that means you are a lucky sod. You quaff Berry & Shortcake and Roast Hazelnuts and Honey Roast Cashews and yet are as thin and lithe as a supermodel. I am organizing a Chocolate Addicts retreat...can you smuggle some of these bars in pleeeaasseee

Ammie said...

I <3 Sally Seltmann. Mmm. I've heard of that Slow Death By Rubber Ducky book, and think that aside from being a bit depressing, it's 100% my style.

Miss E said...

Oh man am I loving Offspring. I wait away my Sundays just hanging for it. Don Hany is just lovely.