Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Ultimate Stress Relief

My new job is going well. Except for the fact I need stress relief.

But I found it. Shooting the Doctor's Nerf gun of an evening does wonders for one's blood pressure.

Next thing you know I'll be hooking up with Charlton Heston and visiting shooting ranges on weekends. Let's never make that happen.
Hit me up with your stress relief ideas, puh-lease?
PS - This beefcake appears to like the Nerf as a stress relief too. After one too many chin ups he likes to take aim and pop off. Oh no. I just went to Wrongtown. Postcode unknown.
PPS - His cleavage is impressively larger than mine. Not difficult. But do take note.


Hazel said...

Great to hear work is going along well, but that guy is scary - so plastic?!

Anonymous said...

I believe 'nerfing' could be the new corporate destress tactic. Perhaps you ought to sell the concept to google and make your fortune!

Anonymous said...

PS Just saying 'nerf' makes me feel all stress free.

Nerf Nerf Nerf

mama bear said...

I'm with TT, just the word Nerf makes me giggle.

Stress relief – last night I tried running to the end of my street and back as fast as I could, and afterwards taking a massive bite into my upper arm. Both worked a treat. A bit sore today. xx

Posie Patchwork said...

I can't make out if he's plastic or real?? I'm a bit dizzy on exposed muscles from watching the male gymnasts at the Commonwealth Games, they are obviously very real. Love Posie

sara said...

I love your're hilarious.

Thanks. :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I openly spat on my laptop screen as I snorted with laughter at your Nerf guy in Wrongtown. Too too funny!

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Even though his cleavage is large, I'm thinking that with all the steroids he appears to have taken, there may be one "muscle" that aint so large... (Yep, we share a postcode).

Ammie said...

:D Oy, I bet your cleavage looks better.

But there is something about a grown man looking very foolish that makes stress piddle out of my toes.