Monday, 25 October 2010

Why Hello There!

I never reported back and told you that the Doctor was accepted into the out-of-area school we applied for. Yep. I had an interview with the principal. It was, to me, more nerve-wracking than a job interview. Tomorrow we go for Kindergarten Orientation, which is both exciting and a little sad. It's a bittersweet symphony.

Today is a jolly good day folks. Not only is it my sisters birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! but one of my best, and long-time friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Me, being crazy like a fox, commenced sewing just a few short hours after I learnt this awesome and exciting news. I'll show some pics when I have got more than a couple of pieces sewn together, but oh baby, it's PINKalicious.

Winners (courtesy of the Random Number Generator) of the Lego DUPLO are:

- 9 - Two Tuesdays

- 5 - Spectacular Fairy Wren

- 18 - Jovana

I tried to do a screen grab but of course Blogger won't come to the party.

Please email me with your name, address, and mobile number! Thanks to everyone for entering.


Cindy said...

YAY for the DR, that is super! And yay for little baby girls. Sounds like a tops day all round

Jaclyn said...

happy birthday to your sister and congrats your friend's baby girl- busy times!

Tania said...

Fantastic school news! Now breathe, breeeathe. You are so goin' to be a sooky la la mama on the first (twelve) day(s). You and me both.

sophie said...

Oh my goodness is it orientation time already? You and the Dr are going to have a ball, school rocks! Yay for being bold and doing the right thing by your little man.

EmmaK said...

Good luck with the orientation - check you don't have spinach between your teeth before you meet the principal. I am dressed as a nun over at mine today so let me know what you think!

savita said...


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[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Great news on the school front, well done!

We are moving to the Hills area very soon and there is no shortage of good schools, yet I definately have my eye on a few that I am interested in.

Anonymous said...

Oh. MY. GOODNESS! Awesomeness of awesome! Stoked stoked stoked!

Congratulations to the Doctor on getting into the good school! A very happy birthday to your sister. And a very very warm welcome to your friends new baby!