Tuesday, 23 November 2010

And So The Day Goes

The last few days have been uber crazy with the smalls. Tiny to be precise.

  • Tiny has used my lip balm all over her feet. Sayonara lip balm.
  • Tiny has dipped her doll's feet into yoghurt.
  • I went to the laundry to come back inside and our house smelt so nice. SO nice. To discover that Tiny had used my luxurious parfum roller as a glue stick.
  • Tiny takes my toothbrush into the bath tub with her. I don't even want to know what she's done with it.
  • Tiny tossed water absolutely everywhere in the bathroom.
  • Tiny has been caught not once, but twice, squatting in the hallway on a rug trying to do a poo. Thankfully I intervened on both counts.
  • Tiny takes our soap dispenser into the bath when no one's looking. Fluffy bath, no soap left.
  • Tiny won't eat bananas that have been cut or broken into half.
  • Tiny fell fast asleep on the way to the shops today. Then was in such a heavy slumber I had to put her in one of those newborn capsules in the trolley. She didn't even rouse when I moved her into the car.
I've had a mild coronary when I discovered that Tiny is turning three in just four weeks. As quirksome as this behaviour is, it won't last. And on the flipside, it makes me feel a bit sad. I still call both my smalls my newborns. Well they're new to me still. And definitely newer than me.

Tiny's birthday requests:
- a dancer cake
- anything to do with dancers
- a fairy

This is Tiny on her first birthday. Where oh where did that two years go peeps?!


jodi said...

I'm still giggling even though I'm up to writing my comment. Oh tiny. You induce so many smiles.

Mon Alisa Design said...

Oh her and Haidee sound like two peas in a pod! x

Anonymous said...

What is it about these December 07 newborns?

Belinda said...

He he.
Miss L will be 10 next week. Yikes.
I can't believe it. X

shine little light* said...

If you actually would like a fairy for Tiny's birthday I know where you can get one...

teddybearswednesday said...

Tiny you devil, but someone so completely lovable at the same time.
Oh Lexi, she's still tiny.
3 is not old at all.
PS Did the perfum stick work as a glue stick?

jayne said...

Those photos make me so clucky. My kidlets are 6 and 3, better keep my legs crossed or we'll have a NYE baby in this house. Happy 3 Birthday Tiny, if it's ANY consolation, my 3 year old finally turned the big corner and became a human being at 3yrs 3months.

Jenny said...

Tiny is my favourite toddler in blogland. She cracks me up.

Marie said...

ha ha ! This is so funny, I loved this post !! Go Tiny !! xx

sophie said...

Tiny and Eva must have been born around the same time, I can't believe Eva will be 4 on the 7th December! I still call my girls my babies, and they still are in so many ways.
Your Tiny is so cute! She is so much person in a little package!

Cindy said...

Yeah - I have a 6 in a few weeks! 6 I tell you!! How did that happen and yes he is still my baby ironically moreso than Pops! Yay for little tiny and all her sweet little tiny ways.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Tiny trying to poo on the rug? Brlliant. Lucky you stopped her in time!

spectacularfairywren said...

they are so SPECIAL aren't they (she says through gritted teeths)

flossy-p said...

Tiny is a creative, adventurous, experimental little soul isn't she? I love the parfum roller as a glue stick. She's clever :)

Toni Brockliss said...

I can't believe Tiny will be turning 3 because she is so...well...Tiny! Dear Little Lady.
Elton is turning 5 on the 22nd December. Where does the time go? I still have my stomach left over from the birth for pete's sake!

Lucy said...

Oh wow. I know she drives you mad, but she is an adorbale fairy little lady cakes....

Melanie Waugh said...

Dear pottymouthmama, TAG you're it in the versatile blogger award chain gang. love Mel xx

Corrie said...

too cute! I must say that sums up 2 , everything she is doing - mind you she seems to get into everything. I thought the twins were bad being partners in crime!

love your shopping ideas!