Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Ideas... Mummy!

I have enjoyed my first Fruit Mince Tart of the season (my oh my - Y to the UM!), and so it is that it's that time of year again, when I compile my world famous Christmas gift ideas. This year, I'm not leaving mamas 'til the last minute. Damn it! We're worth it. Here are some fantasy ideas! Leave some rather unsubtle hints around the house and thank me later. D to the vine - if Matt got me this ridiculously cool necklace I'd think I was the bee's knees. The Mitford gold diamond bib necklace from Jennifer Loiselle approx $150
If my foot was smaller, I would be absolutely gagging for a pair of these Saltwater sandals. In an array of colours from Little Pinwheel $79.00

It's time to freshen things up in the bedroom. We all know how I feel about bed linen. You can't go wrong with sunshine yellow velvet. Castle $49

Anyone who knows PottyMouthMama, knows that PottyMouthMama loves sunglasses. Beautiful big sunglasses. Surely it's time for a freshen up? Karen Walker (Sol Invictus) $329NZD

If you need some inspiration - then head over to Georgie Love. Sally collates all sorts of crafty delights into this one easy to navigate site. I love to love this brooch. The Storybook Rabbit @ Georgie Love $30I am not good at getting up in the morning. If I had these earrings, it would almost be delightful to wake up after 2 nanoseconds of sleep. Off the Runway $325
Of course I could keep going, but this is just to get those juices flowing baby! The world is your oyster. Let the fun begin!


katiecrackernuts said...

Be thankful your foot is too big. The Salt Waters are addictive. I have a blue pair and would now dearly love the yellow.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

I'm a WIDE size 10 and I know the salwaters won't fit me too! I'd love the yellow ones... So I might buy some for Abigail and live vicariously through her feet.

I love sunnies and glasses too. I want some thick black new specs for Xmas, very geeky and chic.

Great Xmas list too.


Anna said...

I have the size 11 ones and they fit me, i'm normally 10.5 or 42 and they're all goood.

They could probably do with being 1/2cm bigger, but it's not like there's toe hanging over or anything :)

They're also an easy fit width wise and around the ankel.. I say go for it (unless your feet are bigger than a size 10.5)

Little Pinwheel said...

rock the salts! I should flick you a pair to try.... you never know xx