Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Bow

Tiny has adopted a new look to her cache. This could be a continuation of Tiny's Style Tips, however this is her mother narrating, and it's going to stay that way for today.

Tiny is enamoured with hair accessories. She loves them. She totes them around the house. Scunci even sent her a lot of hair accessories which was like all her Christmases and birthday all coming at once. That hair accessory love lasted - well to be honest, it's still going. But she loathes wearing them. She pulls them out, throws the world's biggest tanties and screeches like a night-owl until they are out of her hair. She prefers the fringe in her eyes look, big dreadlock at the back. Hawt.

But what wins her vote lately? This bow. That she found in the park. And won't be parted with. Who cares about nits? Not Tiny. Never one to fear parasites (unlike her Mama), she loves loves loves that damn bow.

Who am I to argue?


Little Pinwheel said...

tiny and keely are very alike. I come home with many found objects, and mostly they are the rusted hair clip she has found buried in the sand. She calls them her "treasures." I of course do not call them treasures.

nice find tiny! maybe keely and tiny can have a swap meet. x

Melbourne Vintage said...

In the spirit of recycling and refashioning I say you go girl.

rebecca said...

I can so relate to her dilemma, I love headbands, but they hurt my head- I say yay for the bow!!

Leonie said...

Ah the joys of a child with opinions and stubborness. Love the bow. Any chance you can sneak it at night and wash it in Dettol or something to make your germ fears fade away?

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Abi is the same. LOVES the fringe in her eyes, and often refuses to wear clips.

She likes headbands though which is cute.

I just bought some new clips for summer, I hope Abi miraculously falls in love with them.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Ivy has decided she will no longer let me cut her hair. I'm sad. Goodbye little fringed bob. I shall be scouting the parks for discarded accessories too. Tell Tiny she's got competition.