Friday, 12 November 2010

Yes, I Know, I Know

I've been posting lots of clips lately. But I think I have the flu (sore throat, headache, achey back, hot then cold - or I could be Katy Perry?). So forgive me peeps!

But of course if you're not a member of GetUp! then you jolly well should be. Shake those banks back into submission. Shake 'em like a Polaroid picture.


Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

Get better soon! Vitamin C, plenty of fluids, chicken soup not just for the soul but the immune system and your pillow - on the couch and rest baby rest. Rest till you feel better!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Of ocourse I love Get up. so right up my alley!

Little Pinwheel said...

get well soon lovely! listen to nat... she rocks, and she is bossy! x

Mon Alisa Design said...

Hey, at least you post good ones. I tortured my followers with The Osmonds singing "Yo Yo".
I hope you feel better soon m'love. Ta for the link to "Get Up". Clearly I've been living under a rock. x

Anonymous said...

I watched the clip. Speaking of fraudulent behaviour, have you read this yet?

GetUp!, if you're going to criticise an institution for being deceitful with money, try not to be guilty of the same. No one likes a hypocrite.

With all due respect (I do enjoy your blog), it's clear to me and to a lot of other people that GetUp!, a supposedly non-partisan advocacy group, is nothing more than a front group for the Labor Party and in the pocket of the unions (traditional supporters of Labor). I don't care that they have a left-wing agenda, I DO mind that they don't admit it. It's misleading and deceitful.