Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Silverfish That Just Won't Die

We have two goldfish. But they're not gold. One is silver. The other is black. With googly eyes.

They were probably the last things we moved over from our old house. Mainly because we have no emotional attachment to them. They just swim around and around and I can't pat them and they're a bit boring really.

Nevertheless, I look after them, change their water, feed them, throw a stick for them, take them for walks on balmy evenings. You name it, I do it. It's called 'fish guilt'.

And now to add another dimension to my 'fish guilt' the silverfish has developed a really wonky tail and sits at the bottom of the tank. He's not dead. He'd probably just like to be.

I've asked Matt to euthanise him, but he won't. And every time I see this fish he makes me feel nauseous. I've googled to the nth degree, some say calcium deficiency (but the other fish is fine so it doesn't make sense), and some say electrical currents due to the filter (ditto the aforementioned) and others say it's genetic. It's horrific, that's what it is fo' shiz.

The black fish, aptly named 'Night Fury' occasionally gives the silver (nameless) fish a bit of razz and races him around the tank until the silverfish settles back at the bottom of the tank.

To make matters worse, the Doctor has heard me talking about flushing the fish down the toilet (which I, by the way, don't think is a very eco-solution, let alone RSPCA friendly), to which Tiny responded: "Uh! Don't flush the fish down the toilet. The fish will be sad!" To which the Doctor replied that it was a very special place for half-dead fish to go.

Anyone want our fish?

image is of some very ugly fish I once spotted in the Borrough Markets. Hideous looking things.


denise said...

A friend has a fish that stays mostly at the bottom and she figured it was dying, but wanting to save him if she could.... it was recommended to fast him for 4 or 5 days because he might be constipated.

Now, when she told me this, I was interested but writing it? I'm cracking up. But that's what the fish people said to do, it might help.

She was also having 'fish down the toilet' issues...her hubby says flush.

teddybearswednesday said...

Lexi,I love your kids!! They rock.

Melbourne Vintage said...

Yuk - we had that same problem with a goldfish once. Mine had a huge bulgey bit next to one of his eyes and could only swim sideways. I just conveniently "forgot" them in the flat share I was living in - they may still be there now...

MonetPaisley said...

When I read the title I thought perhaps you had a problem with holes in your clothes, but alas you have the fish flu. we had a gold goldfish whose face was slowly disappearing sue to some flesh eating bacteria. We were told to put him in a seperate bowl of salty water. he didnt improve so we sent him to live with the fishes (flushed him down the loo) as for what the kids thought..... well we have all seen nemo!

Marie said...

Maybe they need a fish tank upgrade ? I've seen a cool one here : http://www.mommyshorts.com/2010/11/best-of-baby-design-fishbowl.html
Great post xx

katie said...

I used to take care of 30+ fish in a laboratory and would see something like this. We decided it was something neurological and would euthanize the fish with some clove oil. Sad, but better than watching them suffer :(