Monday, 8 November 2010

Stuff You (Maybe) Never Knew About PMM

I love looking at the word searches people do that land them on PottyMouthMama, because basically I have no other hobbies other than internetting.

Here's a quick look-see at keywords that draw the punters:

- camel toe image (you classy broad, thanks for dropping by! here you can find a heck of a lot more images to tickle your fancy) BTW - technically I don't think the Alicia Keys camel toe is actually a camel toe. Just saying.
- enima kit (sic); french vintage enema bags; vintage enema bag collections
- oprah the soup bigger than new york (say what?!)
- what does it mean to sleep like a donkey? (if you find out, will you tell me too?)

Apparently my vintage bag enema kit COULD have brought me a pretty yield on eBay. Alas I tossed it out. Please stop searching my blog for enema kits. Or even French vintage enema kits. Yes I have no enema kits. I have no enema kits today.

image completely unrelated.


Little Pinwheel said...

the toe is back. You know I am scared of the toe. full piece swimmers are a nightmare.

I think I better go and sleep like a..... maybe not donkey, cause that sounds a little different. Think sleep like a baby.


willywagtail said...

Now you've really done it! You'll be swamped with enema requests after a post like this.

Lucy said...

Ah, you make me laugh.

I too get a giggle from those bizarre keyword searches.

Sticky ribs and how to look good naked....

Anonymous said...