Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Tonight I'm planning on sitting on the couch watching a movie, reading a magazine, washing my hair, heading to bed early, enjoy some beauty sleep, waking up headache free, and yawning in 2011.

I am like the Ebenezer of NYE.

It's seven years since I met Matt tonight, with a bad fake French accent, making him cocktails - four fingers of vodka: one finger of juice. Then he refused to drink it.

Are you rocking out tonight peeps?

image - I can't remember, I'm sorry. If it's yours, tell me.


teddybearswednesday said...

I'm rocking the night out very much like you are, couch video, bear making of some sort.
I have never been to a good NYE party ever. So I know where I'll be happier.

sophie said...

We are off the manly beach, lots of family, kids and sausages, maybe play some cricket, see the 9pm fireworks then head home. I am looking forward to it.

Little Pinwheel said...

I am couch in "style." Cheese, wine and dvd, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

happy new year... love xx

Bird Bath said...

We will all wander next door to our lovely neighbors who have a pool - a popular asset when it's been 41 degrees all day.
You have yourselves a good NYE!

Catherine said...

the couch is definitely the place to be... happy new year!

Tania said...

You could hardly blame him. He hardly knew you and you had your fingers in his drink. Glad things worked out regardless. Happiest of Ebenezers to you, lovely lady. x

Michelle said...

Yes, we are on the couch tonight too. Best place to be.

Happy New year to you!


That image is from Apartment Therapy by the way...

lovely lindsay said...

holiday spent in are usually the best ones!
happy new year to you and your sweeties!
love, lindsay

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

SO glad I found a fellow Ebenezer. I had a lame NYE, but I tell you New Year's day ROCKED! Pool with the family, no head ache, some entertaining in the afternoon. Seeing seedy people dragging themselves down the street made me all like the "ha ha" guy on The Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Made a deal with my best friend on NYE when we were 16 NEVER to do partying on NYE again. Neither of us have (now 32), and neither of us have regretted it either.