Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Old Patdown

I know I've mentioned before how I got the old pat down at an airport once. Apparently I look super suspicious. Super duper suspicious. Just a few weeks ago I flew from Sydney to Brisbane and vice-versa in one day. On the return leg, I went through the scanner easy enough. But then some young stallion security guy ushered me over so he could swab my handbag. The only thing contraband in my handbag these days is a whole lot of rubbish and random receipts.

Once he was done with frisking my handbag he ushered me away with his hand, and said, "See you later hon." Unfortunately I didn't see him later. From that comment I thought we must have been going on some secret date, but alas, he says that to all the ladies.


shine little light* said...

I always get the swab treatment ALWAYS. I had done some stuff with pyrotechnics the day before I flew once and I got swabbed and nothing came up. It's all a sham I tell you a sham!
Sorry that date didnt come through. Bummer.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

I often get swabbed too.

My husband was in the USA last week on a business trip and he went through the new body scanner. He took that option over the full body pat down. He said he saw people being GROPED and touched which made him feel uncomfortable to even watch.

He said the scan was quick and easy but didn't like the idea of it all.

I'm sure they will be in Australia sooner or later. Oh the joys of air travel!