frocktober 2016

frocktober 2016

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Are We Equal?

Well clearly we're not. That was a dumb question. But what are your thoughts, hopes, dreams for what it means to be a woman?


the textured leaf said...

I dont have much but the simple wish that I can keep up with my husband in all he attempts and to throw in some shock value every once in a while to keep him on his toes and to give him a run for his money. Hes unaware of course

Phil & Bern said...

I reckon the fact that I don't think a man is smarter or more capable than me means my mother has already started to instil this in me. Which we now do with our children. Both boys and girls, you guys are equal, you need each other to degrees, but no one is more worthy of anything in this world. xxx Bern_morley

Marie said...

Gosh this is such a great video, thanks for sharing... We are equals, women rock ! That's what I want to teach to my son...
If you need to put a woman down to feel like a man, then you're just a sad little insecure loser to me.