Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What Are You Like?

Man I love speaking with an English accent. I'm really, really horrid at it, but am I bovvered though? Face? Bovvered? Yeah. Wot are you loike?

And you're sitting there thinking, WTF! PMM and her random tangents. PMM is so random, even she doesn't know where she's going with this one.

Yet, it's as though we're floating together, on Willy Wonka's gondola, floating through a chocolate river, you can be the Oompa Loompa. Me? I'll be Willy Wonka.

I painted my nails tonight. I first painted them purple. Actually it was 'Virtual Violet'. Then I promptly removed it. I thought I looked as though I was having a mid-life crisis. (I feel this way a lot lately)

So I switched. And now I think my hands look like they belong to a drag queen. It's a problem that's plagued me since I was 17. Maybe I should seek some guidance.


Allison said...

I don't do nail polish. It looks weird and I feel like a try-hard :(

Mon Alisa Design said...

I love your random tangents PMM, and never fear, I see no inkling of man hands. Perhaps the purple polish was subconsciously inspired by Mr Wonkas Jacket? The one sported by Mr Wilder??

willywagtail said...

You have beautiful fingers so it must all be in your haid. lol I do terrific but dreadful Oirish and Italian accents and drive my kids bonkers. Cherrie

CurlyPops said...

I love a good NZ accent - can't get enough of Go Girls and Outrageous Fortune. Choice Bro!

Sarah said...

Freak me sister! Is that really your hand? Yes, it is isn't it. On first glance I thought it was from a 1970's magazine. Have you got your orange minidress on with some knee high brown boots and a beehive!

Sarah said...

Oh and it's South Efrican eckcents all de way Elex.

Dant you egree?

Sarah said...

ohhh I want to do mine - my hubby tells me all sorts of comments - can never get the colour right except clear - but that is boring...

If you come up with a good one - let me know!

Casey said...

Haha, nice.
My girlfriends and I do a bizarre Swedish accent when we have a couple of vino's.

"Hilda like to party, yah yah?"


Lois said...

Hey Lexi!
If that is a true picture of your hands then I am sooooo jealous!
You should be a hand model...really!
Of course, being Canadian, I don't have an I?
I only do nail polish on my toes.
I tend to let my fingernails grow to a certain length and then bite them off. Weird eh?
Thanks for sharing Lexi.
Have a good rest of the week.

nicole said...

drag queen? don't think so!
loving the random tangents.

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever feel that when you've got painted fingernails your hands are suddenly uber posh and incapable of doing anything other than looking pretty? No? Just me then.

sara said...

I know what you mean. Yesterday I painted my finger-nails teal, then I removed it a few hours later. I think I'm going to do it again, but when I'm wearing something that matches.