Friday, 11 March 2011

Coming Out

So here are the cold hard facts about PottyMouthMama.

- I hung up on a survey caller tonight. I did. And then I felt a little bit guilty. But stop freaking calling me!

- And I played chicken with some spammy faux Microsoft caller last night. I baited him, then dropped him. I mean how dumb do you think I am? MENSA are head hunting me for goodness sakes.

- My hair is growing - take that in-between bad Russell Brand-esque hair!

- I hope you're doing your pelvic floor exercises as you read this

- this is a picture of me. At work. The girls at work have just discovered my blog. I don't talk a lot about blogging. People either get it or they don't - or they just tell me it's a game for an egomaniac, and I just don't even bother. So this is some sort of coming out party. Glad we all could make it. Hi girls!


Little Pinwheel said...

hi there hot stuff! You are rockin'!

I have hung up before... and I had them call back and swear at me! Oh that was a bit freaky, so I hung up again and took the phone off the hook.

Here is my coming out... I rock... I told a guy yesterday from Apple Store, "thank you very much for your help, and ROCK ON!" He cracked up laughing as we both hung up the phone.


kelly louise said...

I came out today too! I made a mistake on twitter, so mine wasn't really voluntary.

Super cute photo

Lisa said...

Woot woot, you go girl.
I hang up on telemarketers all the time. I don't feel guilty anymore.
We once had a disgruntled telemarketer harass us for a couple of days, he eventually got over it.
I have only just told my sister about my blog. She is now a follower and leaves lovely comments.
I haven't told anyone at work about my blog, I need to have space to bitch about work if I feel the need lol.
You rock PMM!

Lacey said...

I am so glad I found your blog! You kill me! Too funny!!

sophie said...

You're so pretty!! I love your hair as it is, great length!

I hang up all the time - actually last time someone called apparently from the ATO and told me I had tax to collect from the last 6 years...I just had to pay them some money to get my refund...I ended up hanging up after yelling at kids were gobsmacked cause I'm usually so nice!

Megan.K. said...

I love the "do" Lexi. In between or not, it looks great.

Coming out is a good thing. Why hide beautiful you under a bushel? (what is a bushel btw? I must google this...)
Besides, I'm betting you are as funny at work as you are here.

shine little light* said...

You're hair looks great and I don't tell anyone at work about my blog (I work with alllll men). *s*

Aether-art said...

Coming out indeed! Please don't be at all offended, but I thought I saw quite a bit of resemblance between you and "Fay" - last photo on this post.
Obviously you have much finer features and are MUCH prettier! But, maybe you were a gangster's moll in the 20's?

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I, on the other hand, continue to lead a double life.... only a couple of people at work know aout the blog- they just wouldnt get it... cute pic PMM. xx

Marie said...

love the haircut... thinking about printing out the picture and bringing it to my hairdresser to give her 'direction' :) xx

Anonymous said...

I think there is a block list... you can sign up for... and they can't call you if your number is on it... you might want to google some and see what you can discover...

Also I keep getting contacted by all these US General's in Afghanistan on skype... ummm... what? Get off my lawn! The first one I chatted to over a few hours and he was all in god we trust... wah wah... turns out he couldn't speak English very well... he kept asking me to receive a package in the mail... eventually I worked out he was looking to smuggle stuff into the country... anyway... they are getting tricky these scammers... keep your eyes peeeled!


Romina Garcia said...

Haha! I'm the same with the people from work. They don't know, but slowly they are starting to find out. I too will need a coming out party soon enough.
Awesome blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
Following you now with GFC.
You can find me over at:

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Classic! I don't get calls from telemarketers anymore. I think it's because I keep them on the phone soooooo long that they end up hanging up on me. I do the, "what did you say again?", "i don't understand, can you repeat that?", "um, who are you again?",. I just keep rambling on and on until they ask to speak to my mother. Ha! It's what they do to us in reverse. And now I think I'm on some kind of black list because they don't call me anymore (and I secretly wish they would so I can inflict my pain on them once more).

Oh - and your hair is stylin this length. I vote for keep!