Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some Things You Should Know

Despite the fact this is a mug shot, yes, it is a mug shot, it's pretty rad, no? I mean it's a halfro and what's not to love about a halfro? If you need to read more about how this wiggedy whack haircut evolved, you can do so here (which is BTW - where I sourced the rad image).
Other things that you might care to know:
- sometimes I quite like to ride on the train. I get to people watch, I like it best when it's not peak hour, and I especially find it charming when the trains run on time. How quaint!
- Retromummy almost made me think Zumba looked fun. And then I remembered how unco I am and realised me + zumba would be a funny, funny thing and I'd probably give the class a good abs workout from laughing at me, but I'm not into that so much
- I got to bake on the weekend again - and man I realised how much I missed that - even though, since my cleanse, I still like sweet food, but I am much more restrained. I don't crave it as much anymore. Actually I don't think I crave it at all. I satiate the mood, and that's it. I don't drown it.
- this is a deeply interesting post, no?


norbyah said...

have to agree--the halfro is quite an interesting look. i remember when i worked at a public school in the US, many students walked around with varying stages of this throughout the day. funny. not something i see much living in hong kong.

kelly louise said...

you crack me up. that's all I have to say about this.

Hello there! My name is June said...

Thank you for the laugh!