Thursday, 3 March 2011


When I'm at work, I have to Google stuff. Lots of stuff. It's a good way to find stuff quickly. Glad we agree on that.

And yet, I accidentally found myself on a triple x rated site the other day. Our IT department watches absolutely every page we land on, and I sat that quickly clicked away (the search was innocent - and who knows how I landed there, but heck, too late!). I still proclaim my innocence.

And this led me to thinking, kids on the interwebz. How easy is it for them to find themselves in these circumstances? How do you govern what websites your kids visit? How?


Sarah said...

they are s.c.a.r.y figures....

Mama Mogantosh said...

That is some amazing stuff there. 56% of divorce cases citing one partner had an obsessive interest in porn! So sad. We're really on a treadmill to hellsville.

You should get help for your addiction Lex. No judgement. You're clearly not the only one surfing 'Images -Edward PenisHands' during work hours.

Michele said...

I once had to research info on smacking for and against for work and of course American term is spanking so innocently typed that into the old Google and ah yeah interesting times! Big discussion with the boss and letters of explanation etc etc too funny!

But really the amt of porn on there and soooo accessible is sad. Have you ever let your kids on to Owlieboo which is a really lovely kids game. unfortunately it also has ad banners and most of them while not technically porn are pretty raunchy and inappropriate for a preschool/school age game site that you would hope to be able to let them play without seeing someones ta-tas hanging out (even in cartoon form). My 5 year old asked "why is she wearing her underwear, why can I see her bra and how come her bra is too small it doesnt fit her big boobies" ahhh yes those are qs I am asking too as well as why on earth on a kids site???? I dont think net nannys and screening tools screen these out do they? and dont get me started on YouTube and kids shows etc that have been doctored with words/images that are not for kids. Someones idea of a joke I guess but not mine

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Far out. Those figures are staggering.

"Every 30 minutes a porn film is made"... That's ALOT of movies... And alot of actors too :(

Bianca said...

aaaah Google.

Googling at work =minefield. Imagine my embarrassment when asked why I was googling "Runny Poo".... (I had forgotten what the correct word for it was =diarrhea -thank you google)I will never live it down. Never.

On an aside, I think I'd rather our kids come across the occasional site with questionable content (and understand the potential for this) as apposed to having a government dictated filter.

Back to inappropriate use of a work computer, ( they block any video streaming content, so I can't see your clip.

Ok… now I am off to do a google image search on Edward Penis hands –WHAT THA!!!???


eriven said...

I used to think I was a bit of an internet addict but I think I'm leading a sheltered life because I've never, since 1995, stumbled across porn when googling or such like. Unless I type in porn of course ;)

urban craft said...

while I have confilcting views on porn itself, I must say that the design work on that graph and figures is awesome.
But honestly, I think I caught some late night cable porn when I was about 6 maybe? And I turned out ok, but there are way too many people in the US who are messed up because sex has become such a taboo in society. But that changing though.