Thursday, 3 March 2011

When I Move Pieces

When I move things around the house it feels so damn good. And the world is right again.

Then two days later, I come home from work, and the house is a complete shamozzle again.


Anonymous said...

Shamozzle is absolutely the word of the moment at our joint, with you there. If the brownies pop on over to help; I'll send them your way.

Aether-art said...

Oh wow, I hear you. I LOVE that feeling of resettling/reorganising my domestic space - like a world of possibility opens up...and then seems to shut down a bit when things get schamozzled again.

Christina said...

I now understand why my Mother started so many sentences with 'I don't know why I bother...'

I catch myself saying, or at least thinking it, quite often myself! But it never stops me from bothering to do all those things, like rearranging and tidy up. It's nice to be able to hold on to that right with the world feeling for a couple of days at least.

And once the schamozzle gets too much, it gives me the chance to get that feeling back again too I suppose.

... and also be able to wonder once again why I bother...


Hazel said...

I think the tidy up from the schamozzle is one's of life's best moments. Our house (and we are without children) slowly oozes books, papers, catalogues etc. When I realise most of our books are sitting in a not so neat pile next to me on the couch it's time!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE moving furniture. It is soooooo goood! The deep level cleaning... the new light in a room... the shapes arranged differently.. it is SO refreshing. My housemate on the other hand cannot cope. It makes her crazy anxious. I have to do when she is away. Hilarious.

Anyway... I totally understand how that gloss leaves everything after a few days... I try to combat it by focussing on different rooms... like a housewide rotation... so somewhere is always fresh!