Monday, 28 March 2011

John Butler Would Be Proud

Are you curious what this bug is in my hand? Read on my friends, and all will be revealed.

Tiny has a mad aversion to having her hair brushed, as many small fry are wont to do. She goes berko. Plus she won't let me put her hair in a pony tail, pig tails, or even any clips. So at least once a week I wrestle with her to remove the dreadies that fester in the back of her hair.

Yesterday's was particularly bad. Huge. I had to tell her she had a bird's nest in her hair and had to let me get it out straight away or they would lay eggs in there. Naughty mummy, I know, but I had to get that thing out of there before Tiny signed up with the John Butler Trio and they switched their name to the John Butler Quartet. It was that big.

So I sat her up on my lap, sprayed some magic detangling stuff in her hair, and brushed, and brushed, and brushed, and chatted about the birds in her hair, and we brushed, and I was marvelling at how big and resilient that dreadlock was. I kept working away on it. And then it came out in my hand. Just like that.

I've not shown Tiny this chunk of hair. That little bird's nest that had manifested itself in her hair. It might reignite her passion for her own haircuts. And I couldn't have that all over again.


Leonie said...

We had tangling/dreading issues with our number two son, who had curls, until we found an ace detangler at the supermarket. It's pink, called J*hnson's Junior Detangler and works brilliantly enough that you spray it on give it a minute or so and hand the brush or comb over to the kid to use.
If Tiny wants to "Do it herself" maybe the brushing would replace the cutting?

ange_moore said...

My daughter has finally started to take an interest in having soft, slippery, shiny hair rather than the dreadlocked mess that it has been. She is 4.5 and started kinder this year and she wants long hair like the girl next door (which I've told her won't happen until she brushes her hair every day without fail!!).

We have recently discovered a wide tooth comb to brush through the conditioner after every hair wash. And washing hair after every time you go swimming!

It's been a breakthrough at our house anyway.

Do you guys own the book Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair? That's a good one!!

Jessi said...

oh i have to do the same thing with tommy and he screams, but these god damn bird nests that grow in his hair overnight are unsightly.. and dread locks in two year olds hair can not be cool!

Sarah said...

MAybe it is good I don't have a girl?

Jill V. said...

Oh my! That is so funny!! Love it.

Michele said...

my 6 yo has super curly hair v v v high maintenance cant let it go have to be on top of it drives me nuts sometimes but it is gorgeous
Yes to the pink detangler spray someone mentioned and we use an afro comb and only when wet
must be rinsed/conditioned regularly especially after swimming in beach/pool
she is now able to comb it herslef whcih helps a little too. She does it first then I do. She knows if she want to keep it long then she has to look aftre it. Regular trims. Regular treatments/leave in conditioners. Moroccan oil
And get her to watch the Charlie and Lola epidose or book "I Like My Hair Exactly the WAy it Is" or the book Ella Kazoo Would Not Brush Her Hair (my daughter name is Ella so this book was perfect)
If not dreadlocks then you could always shave. Bald is beautiful : )

Katie said...

Yes, I know your pain. Sophie screams every time I come near her with a hairbrush.. and I have almost given up on getting her to wash her hair.

I have now started to pretend I am doing "princess hairstyles" on her, or "Hair like the girl from Tangled" and then I bribe her with special treats..
(Yep.. I learnt that one from Crappy Parenting 101.)

tea with lucy said...

... every morning i threaten that we're going to cut it all off. problem is, she would be perfectly happy with short hair i'm sure, it's me that loves it long.