Sunday, 27 March 2011

Exciting! Small Joys for Japan

I dropped into Calico & Ivy yesterday to say hi to my sister. I was blown away by the gathering of small friends awaiting their trip to Japan. And I know there are more on the way. There's plenty of time to donate a soft toy to be sent to Japan. It must be handmade or new. We're going to run until the end of April. That's plenty of time to get your stitch on. These little peeps told me "the more the merrier" on their merry journey. That's the word on the soft-toy-street. Thanks to everyone who has donated already - I am so excited and inspired.


Little Pinwheel said...

that is a whole bunch of cuddling love.... I can see those beautiful children with so much joy, and hope as they cuddle their new friends.

awesome. completely awesome x

Jessi said...

how wonderful..

so many sad children that need something to hug and cling on to...

there are so many people doing amazing things to help out. the world is/can be a good place!


bec said...

yay! how cute ;)
i have some handmade softie love to contribute too, but im in melbs.....could i post them somewhere? ;)