Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Loving:: Right. This. Minute.

Five things I am loving right now.

- Adele:: Hayley at Little Pinwheel opened my ears to this gem. I love her. Powerful voice, amazing talent, and I just can't keep my eyes off her. She's beautiful.

- Boots. I bought some new boots. I've had my old favourites since BC and they're starting to die a slow and cruel death. These newbies, I'm pinning my hopes on them.

- Peaches. It's their last hurrah, so I am enjoying them while they're still hanging around (pears, I love you too, but so far, so floury).

- Stopping both my smalls from tanty-town by blowing raspberries on them. Gets them. Every. Single. Time.

- Watching my little man get such joy and confidence learning to read. It is pure happiness. (I'm planning a post including all those great tips you guys shared with me - thank you.)

image of Adele via The Couch Sessions


teddybearswednesday said...

aren't peaches just the best. They are one of my all time favourite foods, and I miss them so much when they go xo

zigsma said...

Could we please see your new boots? I need new boots and I'll probably copy you.

spectacularfairywren said...

i love that you are addressing the fruits. I feel like telling the apricots this year that i appreciate their efforts with sweetness and tang!

Boot envy every year at anthropologie.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

i have a lady crush on that girl in that picture!!

I have new boots on layby ( they are blue suede!!)

umi said...

do you not think she's a bit sia-ish?

umi said...

omgoodness, maybe only that one song. she's extraordinaire, n'est-pas?

Little Pinwheel said...

adele is gorgeous! glad you love her...

I am doing the whole side bun for my sister's wedding! rockin' the adele look! xx

toni said...

I love Adele. She is so beautiful.
Last week I was reading comments about her on You Tube (the IQ Capital of the Net Universe) and rather than listening to that amazing voice, people were calling her fat.
Look at that skin. Those eyes. That hair. Her gorgeous figure and clothes. Then throw a voice in the mix.
People make me so mad sometimes.

Marie said...

I'm obsessed with Adele, she's awesome... I've been reading the lyrics of 'in the deep' to make sure I'm saying the right words when I try to sing along, totally embarrassing, totally true... ah ah !