Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Allow Me Some Self-Indulgence

Actually, every day blogging is self-indulgent, right? I get to write about stuff I like, I see, I do, when I want.

But let me embark on this totally self-indulgent post. You can click away, it's easy enough to do, plenty of other blogs to see and read.

Today I hit the my personal style jackpot, in my book, because it was one of those rare days that everything I wore just worked. I mean there's no formula to pulling looks together. Well I'm not Trinny & Susannah, but I do love fashion. Not brands. Just fashion. And having fun with it.

Some days I plan what I wear, other days I'm in a hurry and just pull things out of the wardrobe and hope it looks ok. Other days I put on an outfit, and two minutes before I leave for work, I have to change. It's a hair flick. Tell me I'm not the only one?

Today was a triumph. Not only did I hit it (in my book - you might not think the same - maybe you hate wearing picnic basket gingham?), but I was warm too. Bonus.


little love said...

Awesome! It's not often you can get your look rght AND be warm! Well, not for me anyway!

BOB & MABEL said...

I love me a bit of gingham! Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway, as long as you feel fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Gingham is the best print (weave, whatevs) for any and all situations. Go you!

Hazel said...

Love it!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

But can you look great ( yes you can) be warm ( yes you can) AND be comfy.

Just ask Chef if I often have to change at the last minute....all the time. I am the same I love cvlothes but not labels. I lvoe seeing what people are wearing, thats why I love The Satorialist- jsut seeing what people left the hosue in that morning!!!.

Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

I am a gingham girl myself today is rare, but what a sassy feeling to be all happening and together....


pepper said...

ooh I love those days. It all fits and there's a little spring in your step, non? I love witner, for the tights/dresses/cardi/scarves layering possibilities. With boots.

Pepper x

ps. I say things like 'rad' and 'ace' and yesterday I swore like this 'GOSHDARN DMAN NAGGIT POOBUM HELL'. And my friends look at me funny and wonder why I can't surse like normal people. Noone knows what they're doing, and you're totes awesome.