Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Babies. Babies. Babies.

Well the big news in our house is...

Drum roll please.

Are you excited?

Yes. Yes you are.

Well the big news in our house is... I'm not pregnant.

BUT - I do have four family passes to a preview of BABIES thanks to Madman Entertainment, to give away to four rad people. (Event Cinema Macquarie, Sunday 1st May, 1pm).

A huge success in the US and Europe last year, it's now making its way to our own sunny shores. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Thomas Balmes, and dubbed the cutest film of the year, BABIES follows four babies around the world (Namibia, Mongolia, San Francisco and Tokyo) - from birth to first steps.

If you'd like to win a family pass to sneak all you have to do is comment on this post (25 words or under) and give me a tip on getting Matt to add another baby to our family. Easy az bro! And hey presto.

I'll draw the winner on Thursday at 8pm. Open to Australian readers only (sorry party peeps!).

PS - what the heck is blogger messing with my formatting for? I'm going insane. Slowly, but surely.


Little Pinwheel said...

you crack me up... I thought you were pregnant!! ha ha.. nice one!! x

Lis said...

Tease!! I totally thought you were pregnant x

little love said...

A sure way is to cut him off! Cut off his sex supply! After about a week he'll let you have whatever you want! haha!

Vicky-Kerry said...

ha ha ha i'm hoping you receive some fabulous inspiration... when you do can you please share and i can use the same to prosper another procreation with my husband!

sophie said...

That trailer is hysterical! OK, 25 words:

1. what little love said

2. whine, moan, nag, complain until you wear him down, down, down!

(worked for me)

Lucy said...

My husband wore me down. (I was a totally DONE at 2 kind of girl).

My Lexie was a happy accident.

How can you get him to think its his idea?

Michele said...

take him to watch this movie and all the little bubbas will be soooo cute he wont be able to help himself

Plus remind him of all the sex it takes to make babies. LOTS of sex.

That should do it : )

Sarah Slaven said...

we have three under three and then a four year gap to Sabrina.I told him that every time we eat dinner I will see in my mind the little plate, spoon, cup that should have been there but wasn't. I will always count them and feel that one is missing. Then I said he had sole naming rights if he caved.

Sarah said...

owww I hope this movie comes to Hobart...

Um so you want a third? I think LIttle Love has a good one!

But also got to make him feel like he is part of the bargain or it bites ya back.

Julie said...

Get the baby books, photos and vidoes of your smalls and reminisce. Then look lovingly at him and say, "one more don't you think?"

Anna said...

Sadly I can't help as I have the oposite problem. He's trying to convince me to have another one. I want my body to myself for a wee while first. Bummed I missed the draw, I saw the preview a couple months ago and have been dying to see it since!