Thursday, 7 April 2011

Confessions Of A 31 Year Old

My hair inadvertently got cut like this when my sister encouraged me to get my haircut in Balmain, when I was visiting on school holidays. I was 15. I came out smelling like talcum powder and with a haircut crossed between this and the Beatles circa '66. My art teacher literally shuddered with laughter.

I have something to tell you. A secret. A low down dirty secret. A confession if you will.

I used to love Celine Dion when I was about 12. This was prior to the Kepper and Malcolm X t-shirt, African beaded necklace lovin'. I really loved her. I had her CDs. I thought she was amazing.

But now I think this website is even more amazing. I think you might think it's amazing. In fact, if you know what's good for you, you'll pull that face, get your hair cut like the first picture, and click straight over.


the textured leaf said...

I have had my hair cut like first and second picture and ive done number four but after that I was just mesmerised. I got to page four...

ill be back

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Girl, she can sing though! I don't like her stuff now, but dang, she can hit those notes!

I also adopted the keppers around 11-12. I topped up my outfit with rollerblades, Lonsdale jumpers, Nike tees and, wait for it, clothes from Hound Dog. Whatever happened to them??!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the animated air guitar, sheesh kebabs that girl can play!
My girls and I are lying in bed laughing at the many variations of Celine. Too too funny!

Mon Alisa Design said...

That website is awesome pants!! 'm ashamed to admit that I kinda like her wedding dress...not with the veil though, thats just too much x
I finally got my hair cut. I'm rocking a Chrissy Amplett do with red, purple and black streaks....I wanted to go all silver but the girls down the road were adamant...they would NOT do it. I don't think they've had that request before he he! x

Anonymous said...

I never got into Celine - but I do dig her style. Anyone who can (ahem) pull of a reverse pants suit is, well, legendary.