Saturday, 9 April 2011

Small Joys for Japan:: An Update

So cats, today I bundled the smalls into the car and headed off pronto to see my sister at Calico & Ivy.

I needed an update on the softies that have been flowing in from all you rad people. I'd heard lots about them, but hadn't had a chance to get in there. And today... WOW!

My oh my - so much cuteness, so much love - thank you! I can't wait to bundle them up to send off to Operation Angel to be flown over to those in need in Japan.

But don't let time deter you - because if you'd still like to send in a little cutie (and I'm not talking any wayward toddlers), there's still time! We're collecting until the end of April, and we've got a drop off point near you. Or at least, almost near you. Check 'em out:


10 Birchgrove Road

Balmain, NSW 2041


10 Glyde Street

Mosman Park, WA 6012


Hello Owl 43 Miles Street Bald Hills, QLD 4036


147 Magill Road

Stepney, SA 5069

(Thursday to Saturday 11am-3pm)

Thanks to everyone who has sent in a piece of love to send to the kids of Japan. You are something else. (Something else good that is.)


pepper said...

oh! I didn't know about this! I will stitch a doll post.haste. what a swell idea. OH and I just clicked thorugh to pictures of celine deion! BAAAHAHAHA, way to start the morning! thanks!
Pepper x

sophie said...

They look so gorgeous and happy! Thank you for organising it Lexi!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Oh My god I totally forgot!! I am onto it today!!!

trudi said...

Glad to see "blinkey"( the orange rectangle dude) arrived safely. Do you know of any groups that are collecting pre -loved toys?
Am loving that wool on the shelves too!

Amanda said...

Thanks Lexi! They look great! My heart skipped a beat when I saw my ones in your photos : )