Sunday, 10 April 2011

Magical Mystery Tour

Despite the triathletes best efforts to thwart our morning trip to the city, we finally arrived at the Sparkle Cupcakery half an hour late. I hate being late. But so it was, after gridlock, driving in bus lanes, running red lights, and generally getting harried and cranky, we found a parking spot and made our way in to meet Sparkles the Fairy and William the Wizard from Magical Tales .

If you've not heard of Magical Tales, then you should. The Doctor told me all about it. He's apparently an expert. And me, not being an expert on children's programs, looked to him for guidance.

As soon as we walked in (late), Sparkles and William made the smalls so at ease - they were hooked. I can't rave enough about how comfortable, funny and rad they were. They are both a rare breed that are so at ease with communicating and interacting with small people - and making the big people laugh.

William, I am convinced (though after a thorough Google background check - nope, I'm wrong) is Hamish Blake's younger doppelganger.

Sparkles is a vivacious, effervescent and infectious (in a good way, not like she's got chickenpox) fairy.

We had a beautiful morning tea with them. The smalls enjoyed morning tea, decorated cupcakes and had so much fun with Sparkles and William.

After a big weekend the smalls enjoyed curling up on the couch watching a few eps of Magical Tales.

There was silence. And it was magical.

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Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I said the same to Shane - he seriously looked like Hamish!

Was a fun, chaotic morning. I was thankful that we lived on the East and there wasn't a triathlete in sight. Pesky bikers! x