Friday, 15 April 2011

Mix Master Easter

I have not done one single speck of anything in preparation for Easter. EEP! I haven't bought any eggs (except for a packet of Crunchie eggs that Tiny managed to devour), we have no plans, and I always get a bit stressed because Easter means being organised. I don't want the smalls to eat too much chocolate, so I'm going to look for some clever alternatives to distract their attention from chocolate eggs.

I spied these eggies in the window on our date night. I can feel some Easter craft coming on. This weekend the little peeps and I might crack out the craft box, and get, crafting.


sophie said...

We did some hectic crafting yesterday (read: Eva poured 3 containers of glitter on the ground) and Lucia had a ball. This website was great:
Also check out:
have fun!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Same! I have nothing planned, although we have been told by our builder that the house will be ready on Easter Monday! So that is our big celebration for the holiday.

We don't usually get much chocolate for Abi. Last year she got some mini Lindt bunnies from her Grandma and got addicted to them in a day or so.

I think I will do what I did last year and buy her some animals for her new farm set, or something for the new house.

I wonder if there are any public easter egg hunts in the city... Off to find one now!

Lucy said...

I did the Easter egg shop today. I bought a small amount of Lindt only. And a book each, and a CD each, and a new pair of slippers each. Our Easter Bunny hunt this year is having the focus dragged away from chocolate.

And tomorrow? We are gonna make home made Easter baskets! (Eeek!?)