Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Worst Day Ever

Raining and cold, we woke this morning bummed about the weather.

Never fear. Matt was off to work and the smalls and I settled into some crafting, with the Doctor taking the lead and creating gardens for each of us. We were then to customise them as we pleased.

We pasted. We coloured. We cut. We stuck. We marvelled at one another's handiwork. We used straws as power lines, as flower stems, as pipes.

Then we watched a movie together, and the smalls started to get restless - so I suggested getting out of the house and go for some afternoon tea. Tiny was Pumped with a capital P. The Doctor, however, was not as excited. He was boycotting our outing.

We finally muddled our way out of the house and drove off to enjoy a cupcake and a coffee. By this stage I almost required toothpicks to keep my eyes opened. That rain was conducive to sleep, baby.

Tiny chose her cupcake, I ordered a coffee, and the Doctor's boycott continued. And continued. And continued. Until he was finally wooed by the fact that his sister was so into the cupcake it had disappeared - icing AND cake (unheard of!) in mere minutes. He finally succumbed to the cupcake.

We sat in the cafe for a little while, and then went for a quickbeforeitrainsagain walk, and returned to the car. Where the Doctor got a foul temper and declared today "the worst day of his life".

Must have been the chocolate cupcake.


Photographer Mum said...

Man kids say some funny stuff. Sounds like you had a good start though

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

That cafe is the BEST. How could you be in a foul mood with one of those cupcakes in your hot little hands? Don't worry, Oli says this all the time. It's either 'the best day ever' or the 'worst day ever'. Kids can be so dramatic x

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Kids ARE so dramatic, I love it.

Cupcakes would have brightened MY day ;)

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

That's hilarious! And how cute do your smalls look in those photos!

Posie Patchwork said...

Ah yes, the honest critic in the form of a child. Mine never leave me guessing, they offer performance incentives & ideas for ME!! My girls are a tad more quiet with their disappointment, but my son, never leaves me wondering, i've recently created his worse lunch/ day/ sleep over ever. Love Posie

Kt said...

Ha! I'd love a wet day of craft and cupcakes to be my worst day ever.