Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sleep Is For The Weak

I used to think about this saying all the time when the Doctor was a baby. But I flipped it so it read: Sleep is for the week, and I'd imagine sleeping, uninterrupted, for a week. Reading. In bed. Breakfast. In bed. Flipping lazily through magazines. In bed. Painting my nails. In bed. Life was luxury in my mind. No leaky boobs. No babies calling out to me in the fog of darkness. No tripping over toys in my sleep haze. Sleep is for the week. And then some.

And so it is, this is a call out to those sleep deprived mamas who need a break. Who need a night away. Maybe for a date night, maybe for a night flying solo. Medina are to the rescue!

Do you need blissing out? Well here's the giveaway that's made for you mama! This is made for pampering you, giving you some time to relax, kick back and be more than a mama. Medina are giving 3 lucky mamas the chance to win one night at the Medina (in a one bedroom apartment for two adults). How's that for blissed out baby?

And if you are taking the smalls, the Medina have some ace services, such as a toy chest to keep the smalls entertained. And I'm all about keeping the smalls entertained. So are they - we're kindred spirits.

So let's get to the guts of this. You totes want to win this thing, right?? I do. But I can't. But I do. And yet I still can't. But you can friends!

Tell us in 25 words or less which Medina you'd stay at and why you deserve a night away for your chance to win a night at the Medina?

Terms and conditions:

Entries close on Sunday 10th April 2011 at 11:59pm. Winners will be contacted within 2 days. You must provide contact details, whether that's via a blog, or an email (is better!). You must take me with you. Ok actually I made that up. But you can. I will make myself available. I'll carry your bags. Whatever it takes!

Open to Australian residents only

Must be 18 and over to enter

Terms and conditions here.

Prize must be redeemed at a Medina Apartment Hotel in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Wollongong or Darwin.

Please email me for full Terms & Conditions.

EDIT: Check out the fab Easter deals Medina have on offer here.


[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Hey Lexi,

Great prize!

Medina Wollongong would be the pick for us. Our 1st getaway as a family of 4 would include visiting friends and relaxing on the beachfront.


Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Wow, this is a very cool giveaway! I'm not commenting to win - I totally don't deserve it (No kids, and going to Bali tomorrow for ten days)! BUT, I just wanted to say I think I fixed the google reader thing?? Thanks for bringing it to my attention again! Briar x

Michele said...

umm whichever one is closest to maximise sleep time and because I am going INSANE havent slept a full night in dont know when. Took my ASD little boy to GP today and bliss oh bliss he spoke of prescribing something like a light sedative to give us a break (never EVER thought I would agree to this but DESPARATE times peoples) said would do a phone consult with a paed just to be sure what dose etc then will fax script to pharmacist. Oh joy oh joy the thought of a WHOLE 8 hours tonight and a chance at 'normalcy' tmrw ie no cranky zombie woman - only to get a phone call to say oh sorry paed says no go. Cant see the flipping paed to JULY!!! It is April....I need sleep. Sleep dep is a form of torture for a reason. So so cruel to give me that hope. So its off to bed now to try and get max hours in before my little insomniac comes looking to party between the hours of 1-5 am. Love him insanely but NOT at this time of the morning. What I wouldnt do for a night or 2 or 3 of SLEEP (and those lovely hotel sheets - ahhhhhhhh) hillme71@gmail.com or The Hills are Alive blog (very neglected of late - see above)

Michele said...

Oh bugger - 25 words or less - seriously?

How about this:

Going insane STOP child does not sleep STOP ever STOP has ASD STOP hotel sheets STOP bliss STOP pick me STOP pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me STOP

Bella Hazelton said...

it would have to be sydney, cause between our 3 businesses and 2 bubbas, we have not had a night alone in 5 YEARS!!!!!! not even kidding!
x Bella

LionessLady said...

Oh, how my heart skipped a beat when I read this! I haven't slept a full night in almost 7 years PMM - and my face shows it. I wont need luggage, I can just pack the bags beneath my eyes and head on my way - hopefully to the Medina Grand right in the middle of Melbourne!

Little Pinwheel said...

I am so there! Well I am dreaming already of jumping on that bed, and waking up the next morning to my own body alarm. I would have to choose sydney. I know, my own hometown, but that means a day for shopping in the city!

Question is, do you carry shopping bags as well as a suitcase?!


Georgie Love said...

DrMr and I haven't had a holiday in our 5 years together. We are due. Even a night away to relax and reconnect, it would be as magnificent to us as 2 weeks on a tropical island.

Melbourne CBD, South Yarra OR St Kilda, we are not fussy, just give us a bed. :-)


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh doll, at the risk of sounding ridiculously pathetic.....i would love an evening away from the manic life i currently lead; one suddenly disabled partner to organise and support, two children under 5, a beautiful but exhausting small business to keep ticking over, paying the bills and mortgage....and a social life to recapture. i try to get away every couple of months, to do it on someone else's buck would be grand! sth yarra, melbourne, would be my choice, but seriously not fussed!
thanks for the opportunity, pmm. x

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about being all clever and witty. But I'm not. I'm going to be honest.

I'd love a night at a Medina in Sydney. I'd see my darling friend whose gorgeous wee baby just died. She needs a hug. Badly.

That really is it.

Great prize, thanks ever so much for hosting. You're ace. And you can totes come.

2 tuesdays at gmail dot com

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oops - 25 wrds or less!!!!
suddenly disabled partner, two under five years, boutique small business to run includes employees,demands, cashflow, bills and mortgage, untold pressure, breaks are necessary. thanks x

jayne said...

Sleep, how I miss thee, shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Send me to sleep, pretty please. Send this grumpy mumma a packing.


please, pretty please, pick me. I'm exhausted. I asked for a night in a hotel alone for my 40th birthday last year and everyone laughed. They were very cruel and just didn't understand.

Sarah said...

I would pick Sydney, a staycation - how fantastic!!! Small baby, no sleep, no family around to take them off our hands. Didn't have a honeymoon and would just LOVE some quality time with my husband. xxx

Vic said...

St Kilda. Being a breastfeeding Mama going solo isn't possible, but relaxing with the family away from the chaos of home... teary at the thought!


Awesome prize Lexi, thanks for the chance, I'll keep everything crossed! xx

Kate said...

Hooray!! What an awesome concept.

I think Melb CBD would do it for us.

Its been a terrible farming season with three floods in six month. We've been questioning everything. A night away to regroup is just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh.....this makes me feel sleepy. *yawn*. My pick is Brisbane, not too far away cause this mama needs some sleep..........all by herself.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Siobhan said...

Sydney - Crown St. It would just be plain cruel to make me get the 3hrs+ Shitkansen train back to Newcastle in the evening after a blissful day visiting Surry Hills.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Oh, yes, luvverly prize. Dribbles from me.

Melbourne, one night, me and the K-Dog, to remember how to be just-us-two before the third baby comes and makes us FIVE!

Thanks Lex. x

Julia Mattern said...

Medina Crown St lapping up a bit of Sydney culture as there's not as much happening down the bottom of Australia.
We work lots & so it would be great for our 2 girls to spend some quality time with us!

Nicola Judd said...

"They say you need to be on Double Pay
To usually stay in Double Bay
But not if I get there this way!"

Sorry, that's all I could do with the word allowance! Now comes the sob story ;)

With a 3 yr old and a 6 month old I can't remember the last time we had a decent night's sleep. It actually got to the point recently where I caught myself daydreaming about having a minor accident which might require hospitalisation. Or something very contagious that would mean 3 weeks in isolation on complete bed rest.

Ah, sleep deprivation, it really is a cruel and unusual punishment.

Good luck to ALL the needy mamas, I know there's a lot of us out there (and that kind of makes me feel better at 4am when I'm awake, again!).

Cass said...

Wow I would love to go to Medina Melbourne CBD. My partner broke his heel at the beginning of December (and is just back on his feet now) so there was no Christmas pressie's for me and my birthday in January was glossed over while I ran around looking after him. This family desperately need a break although I might even go by myself to catch up on all the sleep I've missed.

toni said...

Oh Lex. You are so nice. I'm still on a high from the fruit mince pies I won here at Christmas.
Don't get me wrong an overnight stay would be amazing but after reading the comments from some of the other ladies (disabled partner, little baby who died, asd mums) some people need the rest more than me.
My heart goes out to you ladies. I wish you all a good rest.

Belinda said...

Oh my, what a wonderful prize.

Medina Grand Sydney - sleep normally entails 5.5 hours (waking up to constant demands), I would LOVE to experience 8hours sleep, walking distance to fabulous food.

Sarah said...

Wuw wow weeee we to go Lexi!!!

We will fly from Hobart and go to Sydney's. Oh la la. We would love to get away and just leave it all behind. We would go and see the water world at the Zoo, lego exhibition and wander aimlessly around the city ohh and ahhh at all the amazing goodies!!!


Rebecca said...

Eloped with 2yo son so haven't had a honeymoon yet.. Currently trying for another so may be last chance for night away for sometime!

(Sydney please!)

spectacularfairywren said...

I have read and re-read. My tribe lets me sleep. It's the daytimes that are ohsotiring. But we are happy, healthy and in love, so I hope this little prize wins someone else a few deserved zzz's.

Miss Milla's said...

Great prize. What a shame you can not enter, that is a big tease!!!

Medina Grand Melbourne would be the pick for us. We went on you honeymoon to Sydney with 4 kids in tow, so a night away, just the two of us would be great, where we could sleep in and enjoy each others company.

Miss Rosie said...

Would love either Brisbane or Mackay, both are clos-ish for us We have a toddler and a babe on the way, with no family support within 1000km We need this.

Ok over 25 words but am going the radio advertising route and not counting a, I etc.

sophie said...

Thanks Medina!

Definitely Medina Martin Place. I LOVE Sydney so much - this would be so good for me and hubby to get to know each other again!

Lucy said...

Hi Lexi

My pick would be the Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury. It is a beautiful and gracious building and my lovely husband and I have always said we'd like to stay there, given the opportunity.

Ii am embarassed to admit this, but the reason we deserve a night away together, just the two of us in a gorgeous hotel? Easy. We have been married for nearly six years. We have never had a honeymoon. (We had two of the three babies by then - I was a breast feeding bride - a honeymoon just never happened.)

But now? Now they are 7,6 and 5 and we are SO ready for a night without children......


S. Franssen said...

I am a bit scared of entering this competition because as much as I'd love to spend a night away with my husband I am also terrified of leaving my little ones. I am a mama of three under three and have never left them with anyone/anywhere. I even laboured on my own with my last baby because I didn't want my twins to be without both of their parents for long! But I know my husband would be forever grateful to have some time to ourself for just a night. We would stay at the Medina Adelaide, within driving distance of my kids in case something happens.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

nellbe said...

Medina Executive Northbank, I will be going solo as I desperately need a night to myself where I am not thinking about anyone else

Tania said...

Would love a night in Canberra. Just had third baby and can only foresee camping holidays in future. Hubby doesn't like hotels. But I do.

redrosiejo said...

Does the fact I'm answering this at 3.06am with my 12 week old attached to the boob make me a winner!! Please!! Sleep is my new drug of choice.

Medina Sydney would be my pick venue. Redrosiejo@gmail.com

jodi said...

Medina Surrey Hills. If someone doesn't organise a babymoon for Daniel and I, it's not going to happen. Simple as that.

Thanks for the opportunity Lexi. It's a great one! x

Anonymous said...

The Medina Sydney would be our bag. Here's why:

I've totally forgotten what life was like pre (two) kids. The me-ness. Lie ins. And daytime sex, how I miss thee! If I win? There will loads of daytime sex.

bigmamaB said...

all mamas deserve a night away at the Medina.....i'll go anywhere (with you, too) just because it's what we all need to be better a mama, yeah?


Norlin said...

Oh wow, do I NEED this!!
Why? I need some ME time at night. Just to chill with NO kids coming into the room!!And the best one for me would be the one in St. Kilda (Melbourne). Close to some cool cafes for me to wander out to! :)

Jackson's and Mia's Mum said...

oh my what I would do to have a couple of nights away without my peeps. I would love to explore Bris Vegas a little more with my husband so that would be our pick. :-)

oh what a night said...

oh I need a break...I love my smalls very much but how much better would I feel after a break. Please let us free for two nights I would love it and I am sure my smalls would miss their mamma and enjoy seeing me on my return. (I will leave them in good hands with their nana) ahhhh.

Tat said...

My husband has just worked without a day off for two weeks, which means that I've worked at home with the kids for two weeks and no break. It's time to get some rest! We'd stay at Wollongong, not to close and not to far from where we are.

Jen said...

I choose Sydney. I just need a break from everyone and everything - no kids, no husband, no parents. Just me, my book and my knitting.

Anonymous said...

Medina Sydney yes please, yes please.
A get away for me and my squeeze.
Time to take a well earnt break.
and magic memories make.


rianz said...

3 kids incl baby, husband away for month of April, uni assignments due but procrastinating on your blog instead. sleep? never heard of it. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Ahem. WE would like to offically enter and would like to say thank you for the chance and here is our 25 words or less bit that we wrote together, we woudl love the crown st one:

living out of town
means we often frown
missing shops, food, hotels
with all those city smells
A night at medina
will restore our demeanor

( its exactly 25 words)

veri maz said...

i'll let the hub pick the location, as long as it has a king size bed.
last night was our first vom free night after a week of gastro so anywhere clean and healthy to sleep sounds wonderful

~ Kim ~ said...

This would be so awesome. I'm a mum of three kids under under 5 with another one on the way in under 8weeks! We have never been on holiday since our honeymoon 6years ago and I fear I am going to levae my family if I don't get a break soon, lol. Just kidding. Thanks for the chance to win this excellent night and we would pick the Medina Harbourside cos hubby and I love anything waterside.

kyms said...

Medina Melbourne. There are two "Me"s in Medina Melbourne and with three boys, boy do I need some "Me-time".

Sam said...

Medina Melbourne would be awesome because...

Grandma needs some quality time with her 4 grandkids. This would be a fantastic opportunity for her. 3 days = perfect bonding experience!