Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In The Sunshine

I got sun-fattened on the weekend. Like a cat sitting in the warmth, I lapped it up.

We were lucky to be invited to spend a blissful day at the Hunter Valley Gardens on Sunday. It was such a fun day, and is the only day of the week where the four of us get to spend together. I loved that. Lolling about in the sunshine with Matt, my smalls tearing off to a jumping castle, to an Easter egg hunt, to race in an egg and spoon race, a sack race - it was that blissful and reminded me that simple things are so good.

Afterwards we wandered through the gardens by ourselves. Last time I imagined I was Marie Antoinette. This time I took myself to Tuscany.

I smelt a rose that took me back to my childhood, in my grandmother's rose garden, that smell, so intoxicating. I can even smell it now. A real old-fashioned rose.

And then I stumbled upon a willow tree. When Matt and I were first engaged, and dreaming up our wedding, we agreed that we'd get married somewhere with a willow tree. I love willow trees. We didn't get the willow tree, but if we were into renewing our vows, well we'd be underneath this willow tree.

We were treated to a show by Crocstars, and the kids got to touch a crocodile, a snake, you know, the usual. Pretty fascinating, and that underbelly of the croc, so soft!

There are some great things happening in the HVG these Easter holidays (I've put the links here!). So much to do to keep the smalls happy and busy:

- the whole Easter program is here

But seriously, no matter what time of year, I love these gardens - they are magical. All year 'round there is something to look at, to explore, and wear out the small people!


Mon Alisa Design said...

Oh I love HVG too! It's just magical! I haven't taken the girls there yet. They'd love it too I'm sure. Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend with your family :)

toni said...

God you are a spunk. I bet Matt would like to do more things with you under that willow tree.....

Easter. My favourite season. I feel like Judy Garland at Easter. With my hat and trolley car, singing out the window.

Sarah said...

Oh we just had the dinosaurs here and they were AMAZING. Way to many people so get in early - or maybe the dinos should have eaten them up so we could see him...

Anonymous said...

Aw you guys! You're so autumnally gorgeous!