Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tiny Style Tips:: Moody Judy

On the odd (very odd) occasion, Tiny let's me style her outfit. We pretend I'm a fatter, less blonde, less orange version of Rachel Zoe sans cameraman and paparazzi following my every move. But no matter. Off I go.

This was her second outfit for today, Matt having prepped the first, had his selection wee'd on, then stripped immediately and tossed onto the floor. How's that for rejection?

And so it was that today was truly blessed. Tiny let me at her wardrobe, and to put her into some pieces she rarely ever wears. Halleluljah!

Like the little pink cords. Like the little vintage cardi that the Doctor used to wear. Man I love that cardi. My love knows no bounds when it comes to that cardi. I'd wear it if I was Rachel Zoe's size. And the piece de resistance - the scarf. Tres chic.

But what I didn't style was:

- the poses;

- the tantrum that took place at the park, where Tiny lay on the ground screeching for what felt like forever;

- the beserko that happened when Matt tried to put her pyjamas on (on her, not him)

Tiny's Top Style Tips:

- don't be afraid to accessorise - pink does not stink!

- pose with your brother! Don't be shy! And work that leg to make it longer! (and like you've just come back from holidays in Florida)


Little Pinwheel said...

rock on tiny, and mum! she is completely styling... I am in love with the cardi, and the scarf is the piece de resistance!

Sarah said...

oh she is swava baby!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Marlo is all about does it match at the moment... she asks me all the time" does it match?" she will listen to my most of the time when I tell her it doesn't. But it is all about pattern on pattern here.

Anonymous said...

Have said it before and will say it again - Tiny is my favourite toddler in blogland. She needs her own reality TV show. jenny x