Monday, 4 July 2011

Park Life

We three braved the big chill today and spent part of the morning at the park. A rare treat, given that Mondays - my day off, are usually spent sans children. I loved spending the time with them spinning, sliding, climbing and swinging.

Next school holidays I'm going to organise some time off so I can hang out with them more. I really miss my babies. Even if we don't go away, a stay-cation is definitely in order!

Also - let's kick off Back In the Habit next Monday. I'm not ready yet peeps!


The Beetle Shack said...

Procrastination Potty. What a wonderful day with your little people.

xo em

see you next monday. Im pumped for home cooked meals (4 nights a week) and a walk a day. Oh, and 3 fruit 5 veg. Too much?

Little Pinwheel said...

Bet you had a go on the slide!

Cannot wait to see what habit you rock next monday x

fast times in münchen. said...

Wouldcha check out those beautiful kids up there! Happy happy times. xxx Love that first pic of peeping Tiny tot especially.

fast times in münchen. said...

PEEKING! I meant peeking.

Victoria [Victoria Shhh] said...

Love the photos its nice to join in some times.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Loving the Doctors slinky Roman pose in pic 2. Looks like a lovely day. Good, wait till next week because I plan to play along and stop complaining..but I'm haven't got all the whinge out yet. Except for today! Cause it's my birthday!