Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Wash Up

Do you have arguments in your home about who's doing the washing up?

It's an almost nightly ritual in our house.

We skirt around it, skirt around it, and then finally someone gives in and does it. We have no routine when it comes to the dishes. We hate the dishes. And I'm sure the dishes do not love us.

Or do they?

Finish very kindly sent me the ingredients and baking pan to make some brownies. Now this is two months ago. Maybe three. It was Easter. I was tired. I heard the call of chocolate and I went to work whipping up le brownies. Only thing was, I only had half a brain working. I whipped them up, put them into the oven, and mid-bake, I marvelled at the layer of butter on the top of the brownies. As though I was deep-frying the damn brownies. I walked away, thinking how curious this brownie batter was. Finally it dawned on me, while I was only working on half a brain, I'd inadvertently doubled the butter mixture, and as a result totally messed up the freaking recipe. What a waste of perfectly delectable chocolatey goodness. *cue forehead slap*

What an idiot! *cue another forehead slap!*

Cue Finish Powerball Tablets 5 in 1. I like these. They work. They mean I don't have to squabble so much with Matt about who's doing the dishes.

image via Emma Elizabeth Designs - I could just about die for this Emma Elizabeth rug (who doesn't love sparkle?) From Milan to my house. Rug-a-licious.


Sarah said...

All I can say is...

The Dishwasher saved my marriage...

Kat said...

Oh how I feel your pain! Washing up is the one chore I hate and so does Corey. When we buy a house we are also going to be buying a dishwasher.

kacey said...

I somehow lucked out- I love to cook and my hubs doesn't mind the dishes. That doesn't mean we don't squabble about cleaning up every other part of our house. I guess that's why they invented the roomba.

Karen said...

We have a deal in our house - whoever cooks doesn't have to do the dishes, so most nights I am off the hook.
If I am feeling generous I might do some on the go as I am cooking - depends on how the gang have been all day!!